How We’ve Helped Our Customers

Holme Valley 123-txt Case Study

Holme Valley Covid Mutual Aid – a 123-txt Case Study

Cloud SMS Platform, 123-txt enables a local volunteer group to support vulnerable people during Covid-19 crisis.
Outsourcing case study - Paperflow

Paperflow – an Outsourcing Case Study

Outsourcing with ProcessFlows helps Danish start-up Paperflow achieve scalability and improve SLA times.

Global Photo Print Company – an Outsourcing Case Study

A global photo print company delivers customer support in six European languages, cost-effectively, by Outsourcing with ProcessFlows.
Text Messaging case study - Kinetic Room Service

Kinetic – a 123-txt Case Study

ProcessFlows‘ SMS Platform 123-txt elevates Kinetic’s Room Service, used to manage student accommodation.

Telemark Toppidrett Gymnas – a Process Automation Case Study

Telemark Toppidrett Gymnas is a private secondary school that paves the way for students wanting to focus on elite sports.
A RECITE case study - Trenitalia c2c Rail

Trenitalia c2c Rail – a Unified Communications Case Study

Thanks to RECITE, we’ve helped put Trenitalia’s call recording requirements on the right track.

Nordland Betong – a Document Management Case Study

Nordland Betong is one of northern Norway’s biggest manufacturers of ready-mixed concrete and concrete products

Astrup AS – a Process Automation Case Study

Efficient Management of certificates and fully digitalised tracking - M-files solution Case Study.

ACME UC – a RECITE Case Study

Through RECITE, we have helped ACME UC implement and seamlessly expand their call recording solutions.

Britannia Hotels – a 123-txt Case Study

Our Text Messaging solutions are helping Britannia Hotels and Pontins innovate and improve their customer service offering.

ITE Group – a RECITE Case Study

The benefits to service and efficiency RECITE brings to ITE speak for themselves ITE Group PLC are world leading organisers of international exhibitions and conferences.

Durham County Council – a 123-txt Case Study

Find out how SMS is helping Durham County Council streamline their processes and effectively communicate with their constituency.
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