How We’ve Helped Our Customers

RS Components – A Cloud Fax Case Study

ProcessFlows remained the best option allowing RS Components to expand their current infrastructure by moving to full cloud.
Holme Valley 123-txt Case Study

Holme Valley Covid Mutual Aid – a 123-txt Case Study

Cloud SMS Platform, 123-txt enables a local volunteer group to support vulnerable people during Covid-19 crisis.
Outsourcing case study - Paperflow

Paperflow – an Outsourcing Case Study

Outsourcing with ProcessFlows helps Danish start-up Paperflow achieve scalability and improve SLA times.

Global Photo Print Company – an Outsourcing Case Study

A global photo print company delivers customer support in six European languages, cost-effectively, by Outsourcing with ProcessFlows.
Text Messaging case study - Kinetic Room Service

Kinetic – a 123-txt Case Study

ProcessFlows‘ SMS Platform 123-txt elevates Kinetic’s Room Service, used to manage student accommodation.

Telemark Toppidrett Gymnas – a Process Automation Case Study

Telemark Toppidrett Gymnas is a private secondary school that paves the way for students wanting to focus on elite sports.
A RECITE case study - Trenitalia c2c Rail

Trenitalia c2c Rail – a Unified Communications Case Study

Thanks to RECITE, we’ve helped put Trenitalia’s call recording requirements on the right track.

Nordland Betong – a Document Management Case Study

Nordland Betong is one of northern Norway’s biggest manufacturers of ready-mixed concrete and concrete products

Astrup AS – a Process Automation Case Study

Efficient Management of certificates and fully digitalised tracking - M-files solution Case Study.

ACME UC – a RECITE Case Study

Through RECITE, we have helped ACME UC implement and seamlessly expand their call recording solutions.

Britannia Hotels – a 123-txt Case Study

Our Text Messaging solutions are helping Britannia Hotels and Pontins innovate and improve their customer service offering.

ITE Group – a RECITE Case Study

The benefits to service and efficiency RECITE brings to ITE speak for themselves ITE Group PLC are world leading organisers of international exhibitions and conferences.
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