How We’ve Helped Our Customers

Hewitsons Case Study

Hewitsons – a CX-E Case Study

CX-E was able to provide a consistent and uninterrupted voicemail experience. This has increased the longevity of the system, improving its return on investment.

EduNamText – a 123-txt Case Study

EduNamText – Communication Solutions for Schools in Namibia with 123-txt platform

Residential Management Group – a CloudFax Case Study

The Cloud Fax installation was completed within a day and most importantly, no downtime.

Intuitive BI – an Outsourcing Case Study

Outsourcing with ProcessFlows opened a whole new host of opportunities, which would not have been available otherwise.

UBU Environmental – a 123 txt Case Study

Fast and Effective Communications for Mobile Staff with 123-txt solution.

Durham County Council – an SMS solution Case Study

Text Message Server, helping Durham County Council streamline their processes and effectively communicate with their constituency

3 Reasons Why It’s time to Revisit the Digital Mailroom

The digital mailroom, or mailroom automation as it is also known, is having somewhat of a renaissance – and when you look closely it’s easy to see why.

ProcessFlows Practises – an SMS solution Case Study

For three decades, ProcessFlows has been distributing best-of-breed technology to customers and partners.

Places for People – an Intelligent Information Management Case Study

Places for People had a lot of knowledge on dashboards and data manipulation a but needed a solution that they could manage internally.

Multinational conglomerate – a RightFax Case Study

A world famous organisation sends and receives over 450,000 faxes every month.

South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust – a RightFax Case Study

ProcessFlows network fax has improved communications between acute and out-of-hospital services for Northern Ireland’s South Eastern & Social Care Trust.

United Biscuits – an OnBase solution Case Study

Total cost of ownership lowered by one third with Electronic Content Management
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