What is Case Management

Case Management is used by organisations to efficiently manage unstructured information and situations as part a business process.

Every organisation faces “cases” of some sort every day – whether an incident, new request, new claim, new customer, employee or student etc. Each case will typically have varying degrees of structure that needs to be processed as part of managing the request – such as human interactions as well as a mix of unstructured information across documents and other containers.

Case Management is the process and toolset to bring structure and efficiency to managing different types of cases. From processing and understanding the relevant information to making informed decisions and taking actions for a successful resolution of that case. Case management is ultimately about efficient knowledge work.

90% of an organisations information is unstructured information such as different case information(IDC)

Dealing with and connecting this unstructured information such to business systems is a major business pain for 42% of organisations (AIIM)


use case management to support cross-departmental information sharing and document management. – Ovum


use case management to handle customer or employee enquires and complaints – Ovum


use case management to improve employee productivity and 74% to automate processes. – Ovum


use cases management to improve compliance and governance in a process or business area – Ovum

Different Digital Cases Management Uses

A Digital Case Management approach is used in a wide range of circumstances and use cases typically where an organisation or department needs handle a mix of unstructured or complex information or documents that core systems don’t handle well.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Patient or Social Care
  • Onboarding or offboarding ie education, employment
  • Different types of incident management
  • Claims or Request Management
  • Q&A or Maintenance checks

There are specific digital case management solutions as well as generic ones that can be tailored to manage any form of case.  Explore the different Case Management use cases

Common Case Management challenges

1. Difficulty and length of time taken to share the information and documents between departments or sites (69%)
2. Ineffective handling of customer enquiries or complaints (68%)
3. Lack of visibility or reporting into the status of knowledge-driven work (60%)
4. The length of time taken to process documents (59%)
5. Bottlenecks in processes (57%)

6. An inability to provide customers and potential customers with speedy responses (57%)
7. Security issues (56%)
8. Staff having to toggle between multiple applications to fulfil a request, respond to an incident, or conduct an investigation (31%)
9. Manually entering the same information into multiple systems (24%)

Source: Ovum

Benefits of Digital Case Management

Using a digital case management approach to handling cases and unstructured situations has the following benefits:

  • Increase knowledge worker productivity, efficiency and performance visibility
  • Add compliance and governance controls
  • At a glance visibility and control of complex processes
  • Digitise & automate more complex processes
  • Improve internal collaboration & sharing across departments/ silos
  • Reduce operating costs associated with a process
  • Reduce errors and risk associated with unstructured data and processes
  • Allow unstructured data to be managed alongside structured data without issue

How We Transform Case Management

ProcessFlows specialise in a range digital Case Management solutions and services to help organisations and businesses transform the management of their caseloads – remove inefficiencies, deliver new customer experiences as well as enhance compliance.

Digitise & Manage Case Information
Capture & extract case information from different sources & format. Secure & integrate single point of control & management for all  your Case Information throughout its life

 Digital & Automated Case Management workflows
Off-shelf, custom or bespoke digital case management workflows to manage any case processes, tasks, workloads and information in an efficient and governed manner.

Case Management Tasks As A Service
Our managed service delivery centre can provide case management tasks and resource as a service including Multi channel service desks or helpdesks

Why ProcessFlows for Case Management transformation?

We have a 35 year track record of success & expertise in digital process management and automation, document and case management, data capture as well as managed services

Accredited end to end professional services and support expertise include Business Process Analysts, Solutions Architects and Project Managers, through to Implementation Engineers, Software developers, Service desk operations, Multi-tiered Support and service delivery managers.

A robust approach to transformation based on partnership and supporting every step of the journey from creating a vision and plan through to project managed development, implementation, transition as well as continuous improvement and support

We are independent and partner with the leading case and service management technologies providers on the market– such as Hyland, M-Files, Kofax, Opentext, ServiceNow and Microsoft. We have also developed our own hybrid automation and process as service platform.

For these reasons and more, ProcessFlows should be your trusted partner to support your business transformation.
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