The Quest To Unlock Greater Workforce Potential

Building an effective & engaged workforce is an important goal and struggle for every organisation. It goes to the very heart of what People and Culture or HR teams strive to achieve and support in their organisations with. The reality is most organisations struggle to get even remotely close to defining what an effective or engaged workforce looks like for them, let alone measuring it or achieving it.  Ultimately building an effective & engage workforce is about unlocking potential and a great way of achieving this is through the  5’s of effective People Management.

ProcessFlows specialise in a range of services and solutions that support effective People Management initiatives to creating more effective and engaged workforces.

Companies with Highly Engaged Workforces Are 21% More Profitable

Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace


of Employees Are Not Engaged in the Workplace – Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace


Organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve their quality of new hires by 70%. – Glassdoor


of HR professionals say employee engagement increases when onboarding is improved. – SilkRoad


Up to 50% of an HR department’s time is spent processing employee information and responding to queries. – Forrester

The 5c’s of Effective People Management

Discover the 5C’s of Effective People Management here – A simple framework creating and sustaining an engaged and effective workforce.

How We Support People Management Initiatives to Build Effective & Engaged Workforces

ProcessFlows helps HR teams and businesses create purpose driven, engaged and effective workforces and cultures that deliver exceptional performances. We achieve this through a range of solutions and services for intelligent and connected workplaces that transform HR and people management:

Digital workspaces & collaboration
Powerful collaboration and communication platforms to boost workforce engagement

Manage HR content & policies
Secure single point of control & management for your digital HR content

Automate & Manage HR tasks & Processes
Digitally manage & automate HR workflows  ie onboarding/ offboarding

HR as a Service
 HR resource or tasks delivered as a service Pay-as-you-Go

Benefits of effective People & HR Management with ProcessFlows

ProcessFlows specialise in custom solutions and services for HR and people management to transform outcomes and create winning cultures and performances. We can help your achieve the following benefits:

  • Transform employee experiences and workforce engagement outcomes through unified digital workspaces for collaboration, sharing and communications – for individuals, teams, departments and across the organisation
  • Secure add compliance and governance controls around HR processes and information
  • Allow unstructured HR data to be managed alongside structured data without issue
  • At a glance visibility and control of the HR Status, trends and controls you need
  • Effective and effective employee and management experiences through digital and automated HR processes – simple to complex HR and people management processes and tasks from on boarding to managed and retaining through to retire and exit
  • Unify employee and HR information, policies and controls across systems and departments
  • Improve internal collaboration & sharing across departments/ silos
  • Reduce operating costs associated with manual processing and operations and free up time for added value tasks
  • Reduce errors and risk associated with unstructured data and processes

Not Sure Where to Start Your HR & People Management  Transformation?

Every business or organisation has different HR and people management challenges and requirements. We always start with and use a formal discovery process and structured methodology for understanding, assessing, planning and delivering any digital or operational transformation. It’s the safest approach and delivers the best results for each business.

Key elements and stages include:

  1. Understand specific business & operational requirements and challenges.
  2. Understand the operational context – Map existing HR & People Management processes including interconnected processes, people and systems – upstream and downstream.
  3. Confirm assessment results, highlight gaps and propose any specific recommendations across people, process and systems.
  4. Once a specific solution and or service is agreed, our accredited project management team manages the smooth implementation process through to signoff and transition to continuous improvement.

We have a unique approach to partnership and transformation here that starts with helping you to create your vision of digital workspaces, operations and supports you every step of the way through to continuous improvement and support

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Why ProcessFlows for HR & People Management

We have a 32 year track record of success & expertise in the delivery of HR and people management digital solutions and managed services for organisations and businesses of all sizes.

Accredited end to end expertise – From Business Process Analysts, Solutions Architects and Project Managers, through to Implementation Engineers, Software developers and Multi-tiered Support.

We are independent and partner with the leading digital workspace & process technology providers on the market–Microsoft, Hyland, M-Files, Kofax and Opentext. We also developed own hybrid automation & service platform.

We practice what we preach – We are part of the Konica Minolta global group and have been recognised as one of the Top UK Employers 3 years in a row by the Top Employers Institute.

For these reasons and more, ProcessFlows should be your trusted partner to support your business transformation.
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Our Customers

From global enterprises and government departments, to local small businesses, here are some of our customers that have partnered with us, using Process Automation to transform their business with digital and automated operations. Click the logos to download the Case Studies.

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