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Airline Caterer Flies High Using Intelligent Facial Recognition Video Monitoring

October 14, 2021

Airline Caterer Flies High Using Intelligent Facial Recognition Video Monitoring

Executive Summary

This leading international airline caterer has deployed an intelligent, forward-thinking video solution from ProcessFlows | Konica Minolta to automate time and attendance at a new, state-of-the-art facility. Unified employee data and process automation are helping to reduce costs, increase productivity, promote people wellbeing, and confidently manage compliance risks.

Customer Profile

This European catering organisation is a leading provider of food and drink to segments such as airlines, trains, and international events. The company also provides catering services through restaurants, bars, lounges, and hotels.


The caterer had recently launched a modern, luxury catering facility at a major European airport hub. The operationally complex and fast-paced project involved the high-end fit-out of a showcase food production facility providing catering to passengers in the aviation sector, as well as retail customers.

The ability to control and monitor employee access is paramount for many reasons, including employee health and safety, as well as providing clear visibility of time and attendance. The business case called for a modern, automated system to analyse attendance and shift patterns to promote staff efficiency and best practise.

“The data from these cameras provides granular employee analytics, which will ultimately drive even more rewarding hospitality and catering services,” says a company spokesperson. “We chose ProcessFlows | Konica Minolta based on their best-in-class facial recognition system. The team was also passionate and open about the project, innovative, and collaborative.”


A detailed site survey was carried out by ProcessFlows | Konica Minolta at the new site to determine the customer’s specific business and technical needs. This discovery phase also identified how many cameras would be required, their type, and the optimum camera locations.
ProcessFlows | Konica Minolta proposed eleven i26 cameras with a 180⁰ field of view to recognise faces and four C26 cameras with a 360⁰ field of view to recognise faces around the site. In addition, a single M16 thermal imaging camera is deployed on reception to measure body temperature at around two metres from the camera.

The facial recognition software solution provides alerts and statistics on age, gender, and other data points. It also potentially supports numerous secure access use cases where facial recognition can replace the use of an ID badge, securely automate entry to facilities, trigger notifications, and log events for analytics. It runs on mobile devices and readily available computers.

The facial recognition services include:

  • Employee tracked entering and leaving building at correct time
  • Employee tracked entering and leaving their department at correct time
  • Employee flagged to Admin if in wrong department
  • Stranger alerted to Admin if detected anywhere on site


The benefits include:

Reduces people-hours spent on routine tasks. System provides powerful workflows using a simple drag and drop designer tool, automating routine tasks. For example, HR teams do not need to save start and finish times for every employee and manually key this into their Time and Attendance application. This way they can concentrate on higher-value HR issues.

Lowers training costs and time. The low total cost of ownership through easy implementation of powerful processes drives business efficiencies and savings, ensuring users are working on value added work rather than manual mundane tasks. For example, HR teams do not need training on how to export data from the camera software or how to key in the data. Process automation manages this seamlessly.

Streamlines business processes. Simple connectors make it even easier to integrate legacy and disparate systems with no hard coding or high development costs. This allows users to leverage the power of existing systems and data without the need to invest in whole new systems or migrations. For example, staff have fast, easy access to all the information gathered by the solution and will be able to monitor and report on Time and Attendance more efficiently.

Health & Safety. The automatic notification of employees with high temperatures allows the business to ensure that potentially unwell staff do not infect others and therefore shut down or delay operations. Ensuring employee and guests safety by alerting the business to unauthorised people on the premises.

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