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ControlSuite Print Introduction – Webinar

Print Partner Webinar: Addressing the print-only market space – start the journey with your customer and grow/ Date: 05. 08. 2021

ControlSuite version 1.2: What’s new – Webinar

ControlSuite 1.2 builds upon the power of ControlSuite 1.1 delivering a set of advanced features and product enhancements that drive incremental value to customers

OpenText™ CX-E Voice v21.2 – What’s new?

CX-E 21.2 enhances the mobile/remote worker user experience though the addition of a Microsoft Teams integration, new Speech Recognition tools and more.

Maximise Microsoft Teams ROI with CX-E v21.2 – Webinar

With the release of version 21.2, your OpenText™ CX-E Voice solution now fully integrates with Microsoft Teams Phone System direct routing.

How to switch Managed IT Service Providers – without the risk.

Here's 5 key steps to help you smoothly switch your Managed IT service provider without the risks or headaches.

Choosing a Managed IT service provider? – 6 key areas to consider

Choosing a managed IT service provider can be daunting. Here's 6 key areas to consider to get the right IT support for your business.

What is a Managed IT Services Provider?

A Managed IT Service is the process of outsourcing your IT infrastructure and day to day management to a trusted and reliable partner.

123-txt enables a local volunteer group to support vulnerable people during Covid-19 crisis

Needing to communicate quickly, and sometimes en-masse to volunteers, meant that Holme Valley needed a communication system that was easily accessible and would provide value for money.

What is an IT Health Check & Data Compliance Assessment?

Our IT Health Check service is a comprehensive 360° assessment of your entire IT resilience and data compliance risks.

Using SMS for emergency planning & Covid-19 staff notifications

SMS is a fantastic way to liaise with staff. 123-txt allows organisations to send timely updates, reminders and notifications to their employees in seconds, from a web-based interface.

Coronavirus crisis communications: Tips for texting your customers

Times of crisis like the one we face right now with COVID-19 are one of your business’s most important opportunities to communicate thoroughly and effectively with your customers.

What is a Digital Workplace & is it time to upgrade yours?

Discover what a digital modern workspace is and imagine your workforce & operations of the future to unlock your true potential.

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