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ProcessFlows have been implementing Fax solutions for over 35 years we really are THE fax experts! Whatever your faxing need, we have the answer, with everything covered from On-Premise Fax Servers, to Hosted Fax Servers and Cloud Fax services.

RightFax e-document delivery

Based around OpenText RightFax, the World’s leading e-document delivery platform, our integrated Fax Solutions automate the flow of fax, paper and electronic documents, enabling enterprises to achieve significant cost reductions and speed up the transfer of information.

Users can send and receive Fax from the Desktop, with email integration if required, Fax from MFP devices with full Active Directory integration and security, and so on … in fact we can fax-enable pretty much any application or back-end process.

ProcessFlows is a certified OpenText Support Partner, OpenText Platinum Reseller and OpenText Distributor Partner and sole EMEA distributor for RightFax.

Which Fax Solution Do You Need?

A single point of view & easy access to all your information where ever it is.

Realise new operational efficiencies & performances through automated & digital workflows.

Simplify operational complexity & remove departmental silos of information.

Reduce risk and improve compliance with governed digital workflows.

Scalable Faxing

Despite the growth of email, instant messaging and SMS, fax continues to be vital for businesses. Replacing fax machines with a network fax or hosted fax solution allows companies to securely and efficiently deliver business information from virtually any application via fax, email, print device, or over the Internet. Benefits include;

  • Cost Reductions – RightFax delivers a significant reduction in fax and document delivery costs by eliminating the need for paper-based delivery, stand-alone fax machines and associated maintenance, supply, equipment and labour costs.
  • Time Savings – RightFax significantly reduces the time it takes your employees to exchange documents with customers or suppliers – resulting in faster sales cycles, quicker customer service and improved efficiency.
  • Document Security – RightFax offers a trusted and reliable electronic document delivery solution that will help you comply with regulations and safeguard information security and privacy.

The RightFax product range encompasses ALL faxing requirements; If you’re an organisation that wishes to have total control over transmission and require the highest levels of data security, then we’d suggest an on-premise RightFax server, which can be scaled to handle varying amounts of traffic. However, if you don’t want the worry of looking after a server and updating software, we can supply a hosted solution which still has all the features and security of a RightFax server. Or maybe you’re just looking for a really basic, no frills Fax service? We have that covered too – Our Cloud Fax Solution provides 100% outsourced fax-to-email/email-to-fax cloud faxing capabilities.

Why ProcessFlows for Fax Management?

ProcessFlows have been RightFax experts since 1992

Delivering fax solutions to Financial, Legal, Health sectors; Manufacturing, Distribution and Local & National Government

We have experienced Sales force with Dedicated Account managers and fast response times.

We understand your fax requirements, end to end

For these reasons and more, ProcessFlows should be your trusted partner to support your business transformation.
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More Information & How Can We Help?

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