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ProcessFlows Overview

ProcessFlows has over 32 years’ experience in delivering complex business solutions, often as part of a larger project, creating not just a wealth of experience, but also a highly-skilled team of business consultants and analysts, whose total focus is to support our partners and customers.

Our extensive portfolio of services and solutions is transforming business processes in more than 2500 public and private sector organisations across the UK and further afield. Give us a call today, we’ll be more than happy to chat and then suggest how we can help your organisation to become faster and leaner, enabling you to improve customer experience and employee satisfaction.

Solutions for every Organisation

Improving Processes

At ProcessFlows we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we really are experts in the fields that we operate in. Our products and services combine with decades of experience to ensure that our customers will enjoy the many benefits of streamlined business processes, with a support offering that is second-to-none.

Outsourced Services

We help UK organisations adapt faster to change, reduce operating costs whilst also innovating and improving performances and control … We do this by delivering customer-facing or internal tasks, processes and outcomes as a service / Pay-As-You-Go – All at a level not possible in-house. Click here for more information.

Intelligent Information Mangement

The amount of information handled by organisations is growing exponentially. Paper documents, digital files, emails and so on, often accumulate in disparate and improperly managed storage solutions, making retrieval and association a hugely time-consuming task.

Our Intelligent Information Management solutions create digitised and structured information, optimise secure storage and allow quick and efficient retrieval of all associated documents.

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We seek out best-of-breed products and build our solutions around them. Please use the drop-down below to find out more information about each.


Tailored to suit your business models and markets, the ProcessFlows Channel Partner Programme provides a framework to help you expand your portfolio, develop your experience, grow the business, retain customers and increase profits.

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