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We aren’t just here for when things go wrong. We are here to support every step of your business transformation – from helping you create a vision of your digital workspaces and operations of the future through to project managed delivery and trusted partnership.

  • Imagine the future of work and rethink the possibilities for your business and operations


    Innovation and change is a necessary but also daunting experience. It can be difficult to explore ideas and get your questions answered without a hard selling from one approach. Our teams and consultants are happy to help you explore and answer any questions about business and IT operational excellence and the future of workspace and operations.

    Start here for some ideas and inspirations or contact us here. We won’t give you a hard sell and we are independent so can help you explore the different approaches to transforming your operations

  • Creating your plan for the future of work and operations - Discovery Assessments & Health checks


    An astonishing 70% of Business transformation projects fail (Mckinsey). True Business & operational transformation and innovation – the kind that delivers new customer experiences and performance levels or achieves new levels of efficiency, requires substance and a structured plan.

    Our discovery assessments and health checks are an essential stage to understand your current operations and workings in detail and ultimately ensure any proposals or recommendations are based on solid foundations and true insight. Whilst the assessments will vary in nature the basic principles are the same. Our Discovery Assessment or IT Health checks identifies existing processes, systems, interdependencies and agents as well as captures business requirements, pains and goals.

    Assessments are typically carried out by a qualified Business Process Analyst or IT Analyst. Typical areas covered include strategic and project objectives through to operational procedures and specifics such as SLA notifications, rules, interactions between systems and humans. The end result should be an accurate view of the “as-is ”situation, identified gaps, as well as a recommends and a “to be” state which will include aspirational processes and designs. This stage is all about fact finding and best practice change and process management. It is a necessary foundation of any successful project. The result is a comprehensive Statement Of Requirements (SOR), IT Health check or Data Compliance summary.

  • Design - Services & Solutions Architect


    Once an assessment has been completed, Solutions, services and processes are formally designed, mapped & “engineered” by Architects and experts to ensure their technical accuracy and a strong foundation. Depending on the nature of challenge, there may also be a trial or Proof of Concept prototype produced. Finally a commercial business case for any change or solution backed by a Statement of Works (SoW) or Transition Initiation Documents (TID) is created and proposed to customer. Click here to find out about our Assessments.

  • Project Management


    ProcessFlows has a long and distinguished track record, delivering projects on time, under budget and to exacting quality expectations. One key element of our success, has been the rigorous application of proven best practice tools and techniques for Project Management. Our project management methodology combines the best aspects of PMI®, Agile®, and PRINCE2® and is scalable and adaptable enough to meet the requirements of any project, no matter how complex. Key project management tasks and deliverables include project & implementation plan, change request tracking, stage gate management, RAID log, communications & meetings plan, training and close report.

    Our Project Management Team provides a single point of control and management for every project ensuring timely reporting, rigorous scope identification, proactive risk management and disciplined testing and documentation. We pride ourselves on our project management ability, honed from over 32 years of experience, to be agile and accurate, flexible and precise, diligent and adroit.

  • Software installation, configuration and integration


    Where applicable, our expert implementation team also configures and integrates that relevant software or solutions according the solutions design in the project plan and statement of works. Every implementation engineer is supplier accredited in every solution that they specialise in.

    Depending on the nature of any solution, an implementation, will involve the integration of systems in some form. The project and technical team can also managed more complex migrations – ie. for legacy systems where direct integration is not possible. Whatever type of legacy data and old system you have, if you want to extract the data or recreate corrupted data and import it into another system, it can be problematic. Data quality, data design, data architecture and internal rules/policies/security all need to be taken into consideration when embarking on such a project.

    It could be as simple as extracting the data using proprietary software to convert it into an up-to-date format that can easily be imported into new systems. Alternatively, it may require processing using a specialist conversion program, or even have to go through several complex exporting and importing procedures.

  • Software development


    Some projects may require our dedicated software development team to develop bespoke applications or support complex integration with legacy systems. Over the last 33 years, our dedicated software development team has undertaken numerous development projects on behalf of clients around the globe, providing bespoke, integrated and standalone solutions designed to streamline and automate business processes. Many of these projects have involved the combination of a number of inter-related technologies such as imaging, capture, workflow, and mobile communications, creating powerful solutions that improve the productivity and profitability of business operations.

    In addition, we have detailed knowledge of the communications market and have developed a variety of telephony applications, speech recognition, IVR, VoIP, fax, email, SMS, CTI and other communication related developments. Furthermore, we have specialised teams dedicated to Microsoft SharePoint and Mobile Applications (Android and iOS platforms).

    Our developers experienced at managing a wide variety of projects, ranging from bespoke one-off client applications through to commercial programs that are re-sold around the world. Projects have entailed both simple and complex Windows Services, standalone applications, Client-Server and nth tier solutions, hosted web based solutions and client utilities. We have expertise in many key technologies, including JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, C#, Dart, Flutter, and provide solutions, deployed on Linux / Windows Servers or across Kubernetes Clusters.

    ProcessFlows has development teams working both in our head office in the UK and our European Managed Services Centres. This integration of resources allows us to take on a great number of development projects requiring a diverse skill set and deliver them at a reduced cost. We also give our customers the flexibility to integrate our resources into their software development teams. Our teams undertake projects of all sizes, all are managed using the same methodology to ensure high quality delivery of projects, within budget and on-time.

  • Training & transition


    As part of the transition to Business as usual, we project managed training requirements and the transition from the implementation to support and system / service go live.

    A range of varied structured training courses for end-users and administrators is available depending on the solutions type, in addition we also offer tailor-made training options.

    The transition to support is a formal stage of the project and signed off by the customer.

  • Support


    Our Service delivery operation runs Next Generation Service desks providing proactive as well as reactive support multi-channel communication and delivery operations that provide a single point of contact (SPOC) between a company and its customers, employees and business partners. Support levels for any managed services or solutions are delivered and tracked according to the SLAs agreed in the Statement of Works.

    Our world class service delivery operation is based on best practise standards such as ITIL, ISO and Prince2. We leverage our industry leading service delivery and automation toolsets such as ServiceNow, Solarwinds or we can use your own. We also have access to a broad pool of talent, expertise and skills for different roles, specialisms and sectors. Our extensive service desks capabilities enable us to tailor support to suite specific customer requirements as defined in a Statement of Works or Transition Initiation Document. Options include

    Skills, Tasks or Outcomes as a service

    • Customer-facing or back-office functions
    • Multi-tiered Technical or non-technical to suit etc
    • Helpdesk or service desk to suite
    • Dedicated or shared desks at even lower cost
    • To extend & enhance or replace your operations
    • Seasonal, part-time or 24/7/365
    • Reactive or customer outreach, proactive service/ customer ops monitoring, etc
    • Multilingual options – Currently 14 languages and expanding
    • Telephone service or multi-channel communications – Voice, email, Text, chat, service portal etc
    • Based on time, aligned heads, outcomes or SLAs

    Click here to find out more about our Service Desk capabilities.

  • Continuous improvement - Service delivery Management


    Our Account Management and Service Delivery Management embraces a formal and iterative process for continuous improvement. Scheduled Review meetings assess performances vs agreed SLAs but also seek to continuously improve services and solutions – to solve new challenges, deliver new performances & efficiencies, innovations or services levels. Any change requests are managed by a formal CRN process to protect the integrity of any solution and kick start any new project.

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