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Intelligent Thermal Imaging Helps Accelerate Return To Work

October 15, 2021

Executive Summary

A growing number of commercial and public sector customers trust ProcessFlows | Konica Minolta intelligent video systems to protect staff and customers – ultimately helping everyone to get back to work more quickly. This innovative, configurable IoT-based platform uses artificial intelligence and automated workflow to detect elevated body temperature, mask adoption, occupancy and other processes across the UK supply chain.

  • More than 140 cameras now in use across manufacturing, transport, utilities and other sectors
  • Intelligent video monitors more than 30,000 staff at leading automotive manufacturer
  • Configurable alerting workflow for rapid and effective escalation
  • Expert, proactive consulting for fast, effective deployment


Industry, public institutions and health organisations are increasingly turning to thermal imaging systems to protect their assets, personnel and provide proactive warning systems.

By applying heat signatures and ranges based on the environment and the application, thermal imaging can mitigate overheating, risk of fires and elevated temperatures – enabling first-line defence, night and day. The result? Your organisation can quickly identify risks and take immediate remedial action.


Forward-thinking organisations are turning to ProcessFlows | Konica Minolta to support their thermal imaging needs – especially during the pandemic. High-temperature is one of the primary symptoms of COVID-19 and ProcessFlows | Konica Minolta’s innovative and intelligent IoT-based video analytics systems are being used widely to detect elevated body temperature (in the tear duct, the most accurate measure of temperature without contact) quickly, unobtrusively and accurately. This in turn is helping to protect front-line staff and property – and accelerate the return to work.

“We chose Processflows | Konica Minolta owing to the quality and breadth of the technical solution. It offered us a single, unified vas for smarter and simpler management of pallets and other assets within our supply chain. The entire team at ProcessFlows | Konia Minolta were people we could do business with too.”

Real-world use cases

The solution has been applied in multiple use cases – collectively more than 160 thermal cameras are now live. A major cruise ship customer, for example, uses the technology to verify the temperature of passengers and staff as they board the vessel. Elsewhere, a global automotive manufacturer, UK broadcaster, energy supplier, food and beverage company and others have all standardised on ProcessFlows | Konica Minolta to help staff get back to work safely and productively.

Other use cases include:

  • Facial recognition: Intelligent, GDPR compliant solution accurately identifies people with 98.9% accuracy. It can also be used to monitor age, gender and whether any new faces have been detected.
  • Mask detection: Facial recognition can detect both masked and unmasked individuals. Solution generates an event for a follow-up action. Audible alert or voice message can be triggered to remind people to wear their mask.
  • Occupancy: Solution measures occupancy of an area to restrict overcrowding in a building and provide ‘go/no go’ indicators.
  • Social distancing: Application measures if people are closer than two metres. Camera can play an audible alert to warn people to remain at the desired distance.


The following thermal imaging technology is typically deployed, often in a mobile environment:

  • M16 Dual Thermal Camera / can be reversed
  • Optional PC screen showing passenger/ staff screening
  • Long life battery (with optional hot swap battery pack)
  • Connects to local network, potential Wi-Fi option
  • GPS module to track the location of systems
  • Customised configuration for the customer


ProcessFlows | Konica Minolta engages directly with customers to ensure fast, low-risk deployment – from planning and installation, to configuration, training and post go-live. These solutions can also be set-up remotely, eliminating the need for unnecessary physical human interaction.
ProcessFlows | Konica Minolta provides expert, proactive advice throughout, including:

  • Optimal locations on the body for accurate temperature measurement
  • Define precise installation point for remote screening
  • Create a detection window and measure within 2m of the cameras
  • Mitigate unwanted heat sources by applying intelligent thermal measurement rules
  • Create predefined escalation alerts

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