Outsourced Staff

Additional Staff at high value and low risk

Increase resources – one person or a whole team – with minimal outlay. We’ll even do all the admin and management and provide desk space and equipment.

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A global photo print company delivers customer support in six European languages, cost-effectively, by Outsourcing with ProcessFlows.

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How does it work? What do we offer?

Let’s say that you’re looking for additional resource – one person, or maybe a whole team – but don’t necessarily have the space or the money to invest in equipment and extra staff management.

We can help, at a sensible cost and with no need for major investment …

Analysis of Resourcing Needs and Consultation

Our team of experienced resourcing professionals will carefully analyse your resourcing requirement and, with you, plan the best way to successfully and cost-effectively meet those needs.

Using their in-depth knowledge of the local talent pool, international awareness and technical expertise, they’ll help you to choose the most appropriate team size, structure and communication management.

End-to-end recruitment and team onboarding

Once we have established a concrete vision of what your business needs, we’ll handle the entire enrolment procedure, ensuring we locate the correct experts quickly and efficiently.

We handle negotiation and offer extension to the chosen candidates and all of the necessary paperwork.

Infrastructure Establishment

When the final team has been successfully assembled, we arrange the perfect working space to accommodate them. We then handle onboarding and basic training and, taking into account your specific requirements, provide a complete physical and technical setup to enable them to complete your project(s).

In addition to this, all staff will have access to our audio and video conferencing facilities, admin, HR and IT support.

Legal & Administration Handling

We take care of all the legal and administrative processing of paperwork required to setup your team.

This includes employment contracts, holiday and sick leave, payroll management, social contributions and tax expenses … We handle it all, no need for you to worry about or get involved with any of it.

Operations Support

In order to ensure the smooth running of your outsourced staffing operation, we have a dedicated resource team and HR department, established infrastructure and facilities management, plus excellent administrative and legal help. We can also advise on nearshoring best practices and team management.

If you need to visit your team in our Outsourced Services Centre, we can assist fully, handling and booking travel arrangements, accommodation, transfers and anything else you need.

HR & Performance Management

Our HR specialists will deal with everything required to integrate your team and as firm believers in continuous growth and improvement, we continuously invest in resources to support the teams we care for, to allow them to effectively reach and exceed their performance goals.

A varied programme of team building and social events creates a pleasant and motivating work environment, putting us amongst the top talent retention employers in the market.

Helpdesk / Financiers / Administrators / Whoever … we’ll find, recruit and manage the right people for you

Tell us about your potential requirements, we’ll be pleased to discuss some great options with you.

Complete the form below and we’ll get back to you in the very near future.

Happy Outsourcing Customers

Moving customer service to ProcessFlows has been a 100% positive experience both for us and our consumers. We are saving a substantial amount of money and our customers are getting a much higher level of response to their helpdesk queries.

We have not looked back. Operating as an outsourced business saw profitability rise by 200% in year one.

I view our relationship with ProcessFlows as a partnership, rather than a client/supplier association. ProcessFlows took time to understand our business needs, budget and future plans, before coming up with a proposal that met our exact requirements and SLAs.

Transferring our back-office processes to ProcessFlows Outsourcing enabled us to concentrate on our core business activity, whilst at the same time, enhancing our services.

Keen to learn more?

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