What are Outsourced Services/ Outsourcing?

Outsourced Services or Outsourcing is where a organisation uses a third-party to fulfil a certain part of their operations. It could simple task through to an entire function or operational process.

There are strong arguments and often compelling business case for SMEs to outsource their non-core but critical customer & business operations to ProcessFlows, part of the 6 billion Global Konica Minolta organisation.

With the outlook and uncertainty facing UK SMEs tougher than ever- The shift towards outsourcing is even stronger in the new normal that we all find ourselves.

ProcessFlows specialise in delivering exceptional and flexible customer-facing and internal tasks, processes and operations as a Service and Pay-As-You-Go. All to a performance level, speed and cost that is simply not possible in-house.

37% of UK Small & Medium Enterprises already outsource parts of their non-core but critical customer & business operation. 54% plan to outsource in 2020.

YouGov 2019

Different Types of Outsourced Services/ Outsourcing?

Outsourcing can have lots of different variations but ultimately it is about outsourcing in 3 different ways:


i.e. Microsoft Office 365 Application Support Specialist
i.e. Account Payable Executive


i.e. 24/7/365 proactive Remote Monitoring & Management of IT
i.e. Invoice data captured, Validated/ corrected


i.e. Fully Managed & Secure IT infrastructure for your business
i.e. Accounts Payable Process – PO, GRN, Invoice Matched, supplier paid

We deliver all of these options ‘As a Service’ and pay as you go for all the major labour-intensive customer & business operations and more – from customer facing to back office skills, tasks to business  outcomes / processes

Any number of Tasks, Skills and Processes can be outsourced – Click here to find out which operational tasks we can deliver as a service for you.

Get Exceptional Performances and Business Outcomes Delivered as a Service

ProcessFlows outsourced tasks, skills and operations, help SMEs focus on their priorities and deliver guaranteed cost savings whilst also removing risks, complexity, improving performance and the ability to innovate and respond faster.

We deliver all of this to a level and speed which is simply not possible in-house for SMEs. The potential and benefits of outsourcing for SMEs are a strong business case for change.

Click here to find out why outsourcing is the best way to grow your business.

“Moving our customer service to ProcessFlows has been a 100% positive experience both for ourselves and our customers. We are making significant savings & our customers are getting a much higher response rate to their helpdesk queries.”

Olivier Thirion – Avanquest

Outsourced Services based On A World Class Delivery European & UK Delivery Operation

We have over 30 years experience and successes in customer & business operations services in the UK. We are headquartered in the UK and deliver all our services through our UK and European world class 24/7 multilingual Service Delivery Centre.

Click to find out more about our World Class Service Delivery Centre

“We strive to build trusted partnerships with every customer, as this is the best way to deliver sustainable growth and successes for both parties.”

Martin Tierney

Managing Director, ProcessFlows

Our Customers

From global enterprises and government departments, to local small businesses, here are some of our customers that have partnered with us, using Outsourced Services to transform their businesses. Click the logos to download the Case Studies.

To read all of our success stories, visit our Case Studies page.

Rethink Your Operations – Reimagine your Potential & Future

Rethink your customer & business operations – Take the first steps towards a brighter future for your business and customers. Consider the benefits of outsourcing your customer and business operations to you, your business and your customers.

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