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Text Messaging is a well-established medium for business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication and a proven marketing tool. We started developing our own SMS solutions for business over fifteen years ago and with the accumulated experience over that time, we have been able to develop a market leading SMS solution.

ProcessFlows’ text message solutions are now used by a wide range of customers – patient-reminder services in the NHS and integrations with electronic school registers for keeping an eye on truancy – whatever your need, we can provide a solution.


123-txt offers a dynamic, secure, cloud-based SMS gateway for business and is designed to work with your existing infrastructure.

The 123-txt platform boasts a diverse and powerful feature set. Whether you’re after SMS surveys, marketing campaigns, appointment reminders, automated SMS generation or bespoke messaging on the fly, we have you covered.

123-txt strives to deliver the best user experience and our platform is both user friendly and extremely fast, giving you the ability to meet all your SMS needs, wherever and whenever you need it. With an extensive list of APIs and support for the SMPP protocol, we are able to integrate with almost any system to provide it with SMS functionality.

To find out more, visit the 123-txt website.


Text Message Server

Host your own SMS solution, keep everything in-house

As an alternative to Cloud-based SMS, we offer Text Message Server; a self-hosted Corporate SMS Gateway. Text Message Server sits within your corporate environment, giving you 100% control of your data security – all of your messages and contacts are kept in-house and a full audit trail ensures that you are within data compliance legislation.

Because we built it, we know the software back-to-front, can tailor it to your exact needs and can offer a totally professional end-to-end service, with consultancy, implementation, training and support.

To find out more, visit our Text Message Server page on the 123-txt site.

Text Message Server

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