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Burnley College – a 123 txt messaging Case Study

June 21, 2021

Who are Burnley College?

Burnley College is England’s number one, highest-achieving college in the Government’s latest achievement tables for students aged 16-18. Its reputation for excellence has been consolidated by outstanding results, year on year, 8,000 students achieving exceptional success in A levels and Vocational study programmes, Themis Apprenticeships, Adult Learning courses and university-level study.

The College is continually investing in its £100 million town centre Campus, further expanding its industry-standard Centre of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Excellence; developing contemporary learning spaces filled with the latest high-tech equipment; providing additional facilities in its award-winning fitness centre and creating university-standard science laboratories.

The need for reliable Text Messaging Solution

To communicate with their students Burnley College were using an SMS text messaging solution for a number of years. Their text messaging solution went End Of Life and they needed to find a replacement quickly, a reliable solution to eliminate the possibility of any miscommunications with the students and to continue using a tried and tested method Students and Colleagues were familiar with.

The relationship between Konica Minolta and Burnley College

Konica Minolta has worked with Burnley College since 2014 providing their Multi-Functional Devices and Printers as well as Print Management software, more recently after extending their partnership with the College through a successful renewal, Konica Minolta also now provides the College’s Print Unit equipment and software to support the Unit.

Rob Isherwood, Major Account Success Manager at Konica Minolta, has worked closely with the College for the last 7 years and works very closely with Matthew Nuttall, Network Services and ICT Support Manager for Burnley College and his team, Rob said

“Burnley College are a great account to work with, as well as being a leading College, they are also very open to looking at future Innovation projects and we regularly demonstrate this through Quarterly Business Reviews. Understanding that the College had a text messaging bundle that was becoming end of life, I was delighted to be able to introduce 123-txt, knowing it would fit well with the College’s needs”

ProcessFlows steps up to understand the requirements

This is when ProcessFlows (A division of Konica Minolta) was brought in to the mix with a remote demo with all the College stakeholders to get an understanding of their requirements.

The solution: 123-txt

What really influenced the College towards the ProcessFlows 123-txt solution is the easy integration and user access and deployment of the platform. Burnley College was all set up, the text messaging solution was fully integrated and the staff trained in less than three weeks.

The college uses the text messaging solution for a wide range of activities: sending regular questions to students, official guidance, important changes and lately of course all Covid-19 updates. Those are common challenges for all education institutions and keeping all students informed is a huge priority. 123-text is also used for online surveys and campaigns to the parents.

“What we like the most about 123-txt is the ability to create multiple departments and give users management over those certain departments with a credit limit.”

says Matthew Nuttall, Network Services and ICT Support Manager

They are now looking to integrate the text messaging solution into their student recording system. ProcessFlows met all initial requirements, Burnley College needed a quick and reliable solution and that is exactly what they got with 123-txt.

“We are very satisfied with the quick support and quick deployment, this was exactly what we needed. 123-txt ticks all the boxes”, says Matthew Nuttall

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