Outsourcing FAQs

Common questions about ProcessFlows Outsourcing

Why Outsource?

By outsourcing, you can free internal staff to focus on your core business activities, rather than back-office and manual processes. Outsourcing allows for rapid growth and swift changes in business priorities due to the flexibility of staff. It saves costs on infrastructure, office space and supplies, HR functions, new technology and so on. It is not just cost savings that act as a driver to outsource however, many of our customers opt for outsourcing as a way to increase service offerings.

What can you offer us?

We offer easy access to modern facilities and highly productive, loyal personnel. We deal with the recruitment and office costs, as well as subsequent coverage of employee benefits.

Where is your outsourcing facility located?

Our European outsourcing facility is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Is there a language barrier in communication?

The language skills of our staff are excellent. We are more than happy to set-up some test calls for you to demonstrate this.

How secure will my data be?

As a member of the European Union, Bulgaria is subject to the same data protection laws as the UK. In addition to this, ProcessFlows’ stringent policies ensure that your data is completely secure.

What’s the minimum number of staff I can employ through you?

We don’t have a minimum number of staff you can employ through us. We recognise the different business goals of organisations and we don’t want to limit your plans for expansion. Depending on your requirements, our offerings can also be used as a service. We see ourselves as a partner for growth, no matter the size of your organisation.

How long is an outsourcing contract for?

Our services are flexible and our contracts are based on your needs. You may only need a one-off project, some additional resource for a few hours a week or you may be looking for a multi-year contract. Whatever you need, we can help.

Can I have managerial control over my team?

If you wish, you can have full managerial responsibilities over your staff, or leave that to us and just monitor the results.

Can public organisations take advantage of outsourcing?

The public sector is constantly under pressure because of low budgets and limited opportunities to expand the workforce. Through outsourcing, public institutions can achieve an efficient and streamlined workflow at a lower cost.

For what size organisations is outsourcing most suitable?

Any size business can outsource. Outsourcing is a low-risk, low-cost opportunity, preferred by small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as entrepreneurs recognise the immediate benefits of outsourcing and can then focus on developing the core elements of their business.

Can I outsource more than one function?

Through outsourcing, we offer a scalable, multi-service expansion of your business. A bundled approach to business process outsourcing ensures a smoother and more reliable business transformation. Please use the menu above to see the range of services we can offer.

More Information

For more information you can call us on +44 (0) 1962 835053, email sales@processflows.co.uk, or fill in the form below.

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