The Growing Trend Towards Outsourcing Non Core Tasks

According to YouGov, UK Small & Medium businesses face complex, wide-ranging challenges – and many don’t have the time, the budget, or the desire to handle them in-house. New research from them reveals that outsourcing has become a common response to these challenges, with 70% of B2B decision-makers saying they’ve handed off key services to third parties. Given the growing complexity of operations and the shift towards specialisms –  many businesses realise that they simply cant match the outsourced capabilities in house on something that just isn’t core to their business. So which operations to outsource? Below is a list of key operations UK businesses are outsourcing.

70% of SME B2B decision-makers saying they’ve handed off key services to third parties.


which areas to outsource

Which Operations to Outsource – From Tasks to Entire Processes:

Inline with the YouGov survey, customers have asked us to manage and deliver the following areas for them. Importantly, in most cases, the requirement is a for a hybrid model, where we deliver alongside and support an inhouse team by fulfilling the problematic tasks that are not a specialisation for that organisation.

  • Customer service & helpdesk support levels
  • IT services, IT hardware, software, operations, IT Helpdesk
  • Facilities management helpdesk, triage and 3rd party management and issue resolution.
  • Purchasing & other non-core but critical back office services
  • Sales Order processing and management
  • All forms of internal or customer facing booking and reservations management, client, agent and end user management and fulfilment services by web or live.
  • Customer experience, NPS management, retention, complaint and relationship services
  • Customer complaint handling and customer retention services. Whistleblowing and employment protection
  • Client field workforce management, scheduling and optimisation.
  • Artificial intelligence assisted learning & Automation exceptions handling
  • All forms of data entry and verification services, such as compliance, finance and accounts payable, etc.

A compelling case and opportunity for SMEs

Outsourcing of processes used to be the preserve of large enterprises. Today, there is also a strong case for SMEs to outsource their non-core but critical operations.

ProcessFlows, part of the Global Konica Minolta Group,  specialise in providing SMEs with outsourcing services for their labour-intensive customer & business operations – from Managed Skills to tasks and business process delivered as a service.

Whether you are looking to remove internal overheads or scale back operations or scale up to add new services or service levels – we can help you with skills, tasks or outcomes delivered as a service and purchased by consumption as you use it.


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