The Context & Shift Towards Outsourcing

The UK economic outlook is looking tougher, more complex, fast moving and uncertain than ever. That’s why 37% UK businesses are turning to the benefits of outsourcing as way of keeping up, innovating faster whilst also reducing cost and risk in their non core.

Outsourcing of non-core, customer and business operations allows businesses to take back control, remove complexity and most importantly focus on their core strengths to be faster and smarter during these uncertain times allowing staff to focus on what matters most. Outsourcing is not just for larger businesses, after all SME’s have fewer staff and need to focus them more than large enterprises!

Adapt, survive and thrive during uncertain times

The case for outsourcing of certain operational skills, tasks or outcomes, whether internal or external is compelling with potentially huge benefit for SMEs.

37% of UK Small & Medium Enterprises already outsource parts of their non-core but critical customer & business operation.

54% plan to outsource in 2020 .
YouGov 2019

8 Benefits and Business case for Outsourcing:

Guaranteed & significant reductions in your operational costs.

Innovate & realise quick wins faster and respond to changes and customer demands faster.

Increase your operational visibility and control with consistent reporting, measurement and communication.

Scale operations up or down at speed without the associated risks, delays and overhead SGA costs of doing this internally.

Minimize Business Risks

Achieve new performances continuously leveraging best practices across people, process and technology that would not be accessible inhouse.

Liberate your management to drive forward your business rather than just running your business operations and admin staff.

Focus on your core customer value and de-risk/remove complexity from your operations by making us/ our experts responsible for these areas but losing nothing in control and visibility.

Maximum operational flexibility – consume as little or as much as you like – Cut back, add capacity or deliver new services or business models faster.

Rethink your Operations and Reimagine your Business with ProcessFlows

ProcessFlows specialise in delivering exceptional and flexible customer and business operations as a Service – either as Skills, Tasks or Outcomes.  We deliver guaranteed cost savings whilst also removing risks, complexity, improving performance and the ability to innovate and respond faster. All at a speed and level that is simply not possible in-house.

What is best to outsource? Discover the top skills, tasks and outcomes that UK businesses are looking to partners to outsource – Click on the image to the right to download our brochure, or Click here to read What to Outsource.


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