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Avanquest Software – an Outsourcing Case Study

December 2, 2013

Outsourcing Services and Help desk has Enabled Avanquest Software to Improve Customer Service and Exceed Performance Targets

Avanquest Software is a global developer and publisher of consumer software. Their portfolio includes over 400 creative & design, educational and utility tiles for PC users and gaming software for PC and Nintendo.

Every year their European operation sells hundreds of thousands of individual software licenses via Retail and Web in the UK, France, Germany and Spain, supporting customers via local language help desks.

Customer Service is available during core business hours; dealing with every type of user enquiry – installation and activation issues, licencing queries and ‘how-to’ advice for users who just can’t get something to work.

Running a multi-language, in-house customer support centre is time consuming and resource intensive

Business challenges, including economic uncertainty, changing consumer expectations, market complexity and ever increasing competition, led Avanquest to rethink the way they delivered their customer support and helpdesk.

Outsourcing the entire Customer Support functions would deliver the cost savings needed to enhance the bottom line, as well as provide greater operational flexibility.

Sourcing an Outsourcing partner

Avanquest had several criteria when looking for an outsourcing partner who they could rely upon. Cost saving was vital, but they also wanted outsourcing to be a conduit for:

  • Improving the customer experience
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enhancing their strategic performance
  • Driving incremental sales, through improved customer engagement.

Having extensively analysed the market, Avanquest chose outsourcing provider ProcessFlows. ProcessFlows has over twenty-five years’ experience working with business customers to streamline their business processes.

Improving back-office functions; automating the capture, workflow and delivery of documents, voice and data – to generally enhance a business’s interaction with their customers.

Utilising the experience they gained from working with major banks, commercial and public sector organisations in the Business Process Management environment, ProcessFlows developed their Outsourcing operation to enable their customers to cost-effectively engage additional resource, which also brings extensive business knowledge/skills, to organisations who want to expand with little or no investment.

Outsourcing business processes negates the need for additional in-house staff and training, leaving business champions free to focus on what really matters – growing the business.

A bespoke, outsourced Customer Service Centre

ProcessFlows put together a Customer Service Operation for Avanquest which took into account their unique requirements and business objectives.

  • Four dedicated service centre teams, each with four staff, covering their four main home markets: French, English, German and Spanish
  • A Sales Professional for each team with strong product knowledge; capable of upgrading users to the latest version and additional products
  • Core EU working hours support, seven days a week.

Process requirements

ProcessFlows developed a system for Avanquest’s Service Centre; streamlining helpdesk processes and providing a full audit trail of the entire operation.

  • Logging of all telephone calls and emails
  • Issuing Event Identifiers, logging and verifying Support Tickets (unique customer reference)
  • Issuing Product Activation Codes
  • Automatically populating Answer fields for the FAQ database so customers and staff have access to a growing information resource
  • Triggering workflows which notify the teams’ Sales Representative when there are opportunities for up-sell
  • Enabling online ‘Live Chat’ during the online sales process
  • Facilitating and delivering comprehensive and accurate reporting
  • Directly accessing users’ connected devices to identify and resolve technical issues.

Quantifiable business outcomes

Outsourcing Services and Help Desk to ProcessFlows has helped Avanquest exceed performance targets:

  • Operational savings of €100,000 annually
  • A 10% sales increase on some product lines
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction.

Moving customer service to ProcessFlows has been a 100% positive experience both for us and our consumers. We are saving a substantial amount of money and our customers are getting a much higher level of response to their helpdesk queries.

Olivier Thirion, General Manager Softcity, Avanquest Software

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