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Intuitive BI – an Outsourcing Case Study

September 19, 2018

The Client – Meet Intuitive BI

This rapidly growing company, headquartered in Manchester, has been developing data visualisation and dashboard software since 2011.

Intuitive’s vision was to create a business-centric BI solution which would be the easiest to use solution on the market. The company works with leading software vendors to enhance their applications with “packaged” BI solutions addressing key markets. Key partners include Konica Minolta, FSI, and One Advanced along with a number of niche specialist vendors. The solutions enable customisable intelligent reporting for companies by producing up-to-date graphical representations of key performance indicators tailored by role and organisational structure.

Outsourcing with ProcessFlows opened a whole new host of opportunities, which would not have been available otherwise.

Roger Stocker,

Founder and Managing Director of Intuitive BI

Intuitive BI began outsourcing its frontline customer support with ProcessFlows in March 2017 and hasn’t looked back since.

The Solution – Getting a Dedicated Customer Support Team with ProcessFlows Outsourcing

Roger from Intuitive BI admits, “If I’m honest, I would not have considered outsourcing because my perception was that there would be language barriers and I was concerned about delivering a poor quality of service. It happened that I came out to Sofia on a business visit and whilst I was there Chris [Thompson] showed me the ProcessFlows operation.”

After meeting, talking and engaging with the Sofia team, Roger saw that ProcessFlows clearly knew how to run a support desk and the processes around it with neither language nor quality of service posing an issue. In addition, Roger was offered some really easy points of engagement, and decided to give it a try. “It was very easy to test the quality of the service delivered because ProcessFlows didn’t expect us to sign up for 6 or 12 months initially.”

The ProcessFlows highly educated staff speak multiple languages and language ability was included in the job brief to ensure new recruits fitted the role specification.

The new dedicated Intuitive team were able to get the support helpdesk up and running within a month. Within three months, their agents were able to go beyond the call handling into taking care of the whole first line support piece.

Roger found that the new team was able to reduce the burden on his development team whilst providing a better service to the customer. In addition, having a base of people with knowledge and skills in their product meant the dedicated team provided by ProcessFlows could now take on more background tasks, product documentation, product testing and more.

What’s more, Intuitive was able to offer a new revenue generating service to their partners as more of them started using Intuitive to provide professional services. Giving a fuller service offering meant that their partners had more successful projects. Roger was delighted, “Outsourcing with ProcessFlows opened a whole new host of opportunities, which would not have been available otherwise.”

In fact, the partnership has been so successful that Intuitive are now going to progress their first Product Development project with ProcessFlows.

The Dedicated Team

Intuitive BI currently has a three-person dedicated team working exclusively for them from ProcessFlows’ Managed Services Facility in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Irena heads up the Business Intelligence practice and takes care of the business consultancy. Dayana runs the helpdesk and support operation whilst Petya oversees technical consultancy. They are soon to be joined by a dedicated developer.

Intuitive’s outsourced dedicated team has integrated within their in-house team perfectly. Roger says, “I wouldn’t consider them an outsourced resource now, I see them as an integral part of our team, based in Sofia. That is how our customers see them as well.”

Irena, Petya and Dayana go to team meetings and participate in company meetings and days out in the UK. They are properly aligned with Intuitive’s mission, strategy and values. “They’ve allowed us to execute really well at a lower cost and be more flexible commercially, whilst opening up new revenue opportunities for us.” Roger says.

When asked what the secret is to making an outsourced remote team integrate so seamlessly with their in-house operation, Roger shares, “I think the key to success is you have to invest time in getting to know each other and you can’t do all of that remotely. Having the team in Bulgaria helps, as flights are cheap and frequent. Getting to Sofia is really easy.”

How Intuitive BI Feel About Outsourcing

The advice Roger Stocker would give to someone who is considering giving outsourcing a go is “Try it and engage with it because you’ll be amazed at the opportunities it brings to you.” Roger and his team frequently visit Sofia and feel that Bulgaria is a fantastic outsourcing destination. “It’s close enough [to the UK] and a major advantage is the low cost of getting there or having people come here.”

Collaborating with ProcessFlows has worked very well for Intuitive. Roger confirms the service they receive has improved their core metrics and brought about unexpected benefits. “My original goal was delivering better customer service at a lower cost. But what I have found is that it has allowed us to increase revenue as well.”

Roger is so confident about the value of outsourcing, he has already recommended ProcessFlows to Intuitive’s partners.

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