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ProcessFlows Keeps Communications Flowing for South Oxfordshire District Council

ProcessFlows kept Text Communications flowing for South Oxfordshire District Council after offices and servers were destroyed by fire.

Text messaging service ‘helps people take their pills’

Recent research has discovered that a text messaging service could help to remind patients take their medicines when prescribed.

The NHSmail Fax and SMS Service is closing – What will you do?

ProcessFlows are a market leader in Fax and SMS solutions across the Healthcare sector, providing secure and cost effective solutions.

Messaging Traffic Is Strongly CRM Related

A recent study revealed that the majority of SMS traffic is comprised of customer contact related care messages.

Growing Trend of Business using SMS as part of their Business Strategy

Businesses now use SMS as a communication tool for a variety of purposes, including a total replacement for paper documents.

Luton Borough Council use ProcessFlows SMS Solution

Luton Borough Council has been using ProcessFlows SMS Solution supplied by Civica with their Public Protection application for over 3 years.

Text for Rent

Using text instead of a postal reminder speeds up the prompting process and takes away the cost of producing and posting a paper version.
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