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123-txt enables a local volunteer group to support vulnerable people during Covid-19 crisis

Needing to communicate quickly, and sometimes en-masse to volunteers, meant that Holme Valley needed a communication system that was easily accessible and would provide value for money.

Using SMS for emergency planning & Covid-19 staff notifications

SMS is a fantastic way to liaise with staff. 123-txt allows organisations to send timely updates, reminders and notifications to their employees in seconds, from a web-based interface.

Coronavirus crisis communications: Tips for texting your customers

Times of crisis like the one we face right now with COVID-19 are one of your business’s most important opportunities to communicate thoroughly and effectively with your customers.
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Secure logins with SMS one-time passwords

An SMS one-time password (OTP) is an authorisation method to authenticate a user for a single login session or transaction and an SMS OTP is much more secure than email OTP.

Free Up Your Contact Center with SMS

SMS is now commonly found in businesses and their contact centres and is considered by many small and large corporations alike to be a mandatory investment.

ProcessFlows and Objectif Lune Collaborate to Enhance Business Processes

ProcessFlows has partnered with workflow automation experts, Objectif Lune, to engage in the next step of business SMS.

A Tale of Two Technologies

Some organisations have eliminated fax entirely, while the heaviest users, have not, and the latest FoIP technology impact them positively.

SMS Buzzwords Explained: What is SMS A2P?

Organisations have been increasingly using SMS to get their messages out – marketing, reminders, alerts – whatever they may be.

The Hidden Hero: Emergency SMS

ProcessFlows recognises the growing demand for SMS solutions and has developed two SMS platforms in-house - cloud-based and server-based.

ProcessFlows is now an official G-Cloud 7 SMS Provider

ProcessFlows is now an official supplier of cloud based SMS messaging solutions on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 7 procurement framework.

Text Messaging – The Rise of the Silent Conversation

Text Messaging is fast catching up to Email as the most utilised form of non-verbal communication, and the rise has been meteoric.

Public Sector Problems Need ProcessFlows Solutions

Public Sector Executive (PSE) said this week that “Up to 100,000 civil servants could lose their jobs in the next five years”.
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