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Text Messaging – The Rise of the Silent Conversation

August 11, 2015

We’re currently in the Age of Information. The world around us is constantly being saturated with data and new technologies. People all over the globe increasingly live their lives with, inside and through electronics; social lives play out in smart phones and online, we are never without a connection.

1 in 4 people socialise more online than in person.

32% of people would rather communicate via text than over phone.

Text Messaging is fast catching up to Email as the most utilised form of non-verbal communication, and the rise has been meteoric. To put it into perspective, an average of 0.4 texts were sent per month in 1995; today that number is 193,000 …. per second.

The popularity of non-verbal communication was marked by the first ever decline in global mobile voice usage in 2013, and this downward trend looks likely to continue.

More people have access to mobile devices than ever before, but how they are used has simply shifted; with bigger screens and higher resolutions, phones are now less for listening to, than they are for looking at. This makes them the perfect platform for advertising and customer connection, the fact that these devices are quite literally attached to the users hip at all times, is an added bonus.

With these statistics in mind, adding text messaging to your solutions portfolio becomes more a matter of ‘when?’ than ‘why?’

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