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Public Sector Problems Need ProcessFlows Solutions

June 3, 2015

Public Sector Executive (PSE) said this week that “Up to 100,000 civil servants could lose their jobs in the next five years”.

The article states: “If the Civil Service is being tasked with delivering 21st-century public services with pre-war resources, then the government needs to demonstrate that valuing civil servants, ensuring that they have the rights skills, paying them fairly, matching commitments to resources and genuinely engaging with them are the critical elements of the new deal that needs to be struck with civil servants.”

The PCS (Public and Commercial Services) union said cuts of that order would make it “impossible” to deliver public services to the current standards.

Plan now for cuts later

For nearly 30 years, ProcessFlows has been helping public sector organisations to improve the way they process the day-to-day information which underpins their service provision.

Clever use of technology, which can be integrated piece-by-piece, gradually improves efficiency throughout the entire organisation; making the working environment more rewarding for hard-pressed staff, whilst ensuring that service delivery goals are maintained, even under the toughest of financial constraints.

Easy access to information

Public sector organisations can easily get bogged down by their processes and the huge volume of paper they generate. The result is that information is not always quick to find, and customer service suffers as a result.

If you can provide easy access to information throughout the organisation, staff are better placed to deal with queries quickly and they won’t be wasting a large part of their working day ‘looking for a needle in a haystack’. They will be much happier, and it is likely that your customers will feel more positive about their experience as well.

How ProcessFlows helps

Some organisations simply want to move from paper ‘filing’ methods to an electronic alternative, so staff can find information easily and quickly on their desktop. Others implement SMS so they can send out text messages to residents, instead of mailing out information.

Cornwall Council opted for a voice-activated telephony solution to take the pressure off switchboard staff and maintain service levels at busy times.

Some decide to implement totally ‘hands free’ processing and automate functions like accounts payable. Others, like Surrey Heath Borough Council, are well on their way to a paperless office, having ‘started small’ with an initial project to scan masses of archived paper planning records into electronic format and store them in CD format for easy look-up.

No ProcessFlows technology investment will ever be wasted

All of our technologies are modular; they integrate with existing infrastructures and can be built on at any time in the future to extend functionality. A lot of progress has been made since the days of the typing pool and franking department! All of our public sector case studies can be viewed here.

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