5 Methods of Accounts Payable Automation Success

There isn’t in 1 “best” solution to cover every business AP scenario and needs. AP solutions vary widely – what might be good for one is no guarantee to be the right approach for the next or for you. The right AP Automation solution and transformation depends on the nature of your AP requirements and your situation across people, process & technology.

Prior to making any decision we recommend you engage with any consultation or assessment process, share your AP pains and details, explain your situation across People, process and technology as well as your business requirements. It will help you and the partner you work with evaluate the different approaches and give your AP transformation the best chance of success. 

Here’s a brief overview of the different approaches to transforming and automating AP:

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    Invoice Capture Solutions

    These solutions are typically just about improving the capture and extraction of invoice data at the front end of the AP process. It’s an essential part of any Digital AP process and is the source of many AP failures and exceptions. They integrate alongside side existing systems such as ERPs to complete the AP Process.

    Some of our Examples include:

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    AP Process Automation

    These Solutions are modular in nature and typically go beyond capture and will also include capabilities to manage the entire AP process from PO requisition to matching, approvals, checks and archiving before posting the ERP or Payment service for payment. They integrate tightly with ERPs to leverage or complement existing functionality. Increasingly Hybrid services are included in these platform to add additional value such as invoice capture exception and verification handling, Supplier or payment services.

    Some Examples include

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    Workflow & Content Management Platforms

    These solutions are not designed specifically for AP but can handle custom workflows, task automation or Document Management. In some cases they are used to support the AP process. Whilst they lack the full capabilities of a dedicated AP solution, they do provide single and central platforms for managing all documents and associated workflows. For low volume and less complex AP processes these can also be an option. They can work alongside and integrate with dedicated AP solutions as well as ERPs. More advanced platforms can be tailored to digitise and manage pretty well any process and use industry standards best practice for it such as BPMN 2.0.

    Some Examples include

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    Outsourcing & Managed Services

    Whilst outsourcing isn’t a form of AP Process Automation as such it can include it. Outsourcing is a way getting access to the benefits of Account Payable Automation without the pain or to simply outsource the key repetitive tasks all together. The available options range from the provision of AP staff to AP tasks completed as a service according to SLAs. In-between, our Hybrid AP automation service combines AP automation with service desk support for verifications and exceptions to help your AP team. Our delivery centre can use your own systems, or their systems for AP Automation or both – depending on what meets your requirements.

    Some Examples include

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    Upgrading your existing ERP or business management system

    Some ERPs have options for basic AP workflows however customisation of these systems is widely recognised to be complex, time consuming and expensive. As such these systems tend to be used to manage core operational data and then integrate with various process or departmental solutions to meeting specific business process needs – All without the complexity and expense of updated an ERP

    We don’t sell ERPs but we do makes them work by filling the gaps and tasks that they struggle to deliver easily. We integrate our solutions directly with a range of ERPs or data can be exported. We have integration experience with the following ERPs & versions

    • SAP
    • Micrsoft Dynamics & 365
    • Oracle
    • Sage
    • Finest
    • Dream
    • Infor
    • Any ERP which allows integrations should be possible. Integrations, especially with legacy systems, is one of our specialisations. If you aren’t sure, contact us to find out.

Not sure which approach is right for you? We offer no-obligation consultations and assessments to help you consider which approach to AP automation  is right for you. To find out more or to book a consultation, please call +44 (0)1962 835053, email enquiries@processflows.co.uk, or fill in the form below.

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