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The world of communication technology has sky-rocketed in the last decade, with new communications mediums being developed and launched in to business and consumer markets on a frequent basis. At the heart of all these technologies is one inherent need to empower the recipient with information that is clear and concise – information is the crux of our daily choices, decisions and interactions and forms the back bone of excellent customer service and retention.

business-lady-with-phoneIn our technological age we sometimes forget the power of simplicity. SMS stands for Short Message Service although we like to think of it as Simple Message Service.

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. How often have you not opened and read an SMS message even if you don’t know who the originator of the message is?
  2. How often do you use SMS messages in your business or service provision as a cost saving alternative to phone calls and other communication mediums?
  3. If you are not doing so already, do you understand the potential cost savings and value of SMS within your organisation?

Imagine your business processes both internally and externally and the various communication methods of how you interact with suppliers, customer and clients. Even if you use SMS messaging on an ad hoc basis, is it structured through a centralised service that enables you to audit messages sent and received, maybe to help with maintaining your compliancy or just to enable your heads of finance to quickly ascertain the costs of this communication platform?

You may be considering how you can implement a structured SMS service in to your organisation, or you may still be wondering where you can overlay SMS communication technology with your current processes. This is where ProcessFlows and our SMS solutions can help. Text Message Server is a centralised solution that enables you to leverage the simplicity of text messaging within your organisation and to realise the associated value and cost savings, whilst maintaining auditable and financial control. ProcessFlows’ SMS solutions are used by a wide range of our organisations for varying applications, examples include; patient reminders in doctors’ surgeries, where we fully integrate bi-directionally with leading patient appointment systems; electronic school registers to help monitor truancy, a short-number quoting service for (QuickQuote) and an SMS integration for Fireco, forming part of their Deaf Message Server service, to alert the hard of hearing of fire alarms through SMS messages and potentially save lives.

The value that ProcessFlows’ SMS solutions bring to organisations is certainly multi-faceted. Whether it is monetary savings and value you seek, or maintaining a Duty of Care to your employees or clients, speak to us today and unleash the power of simplicity through ProcessFlows and our SMS Solutions.

Jonathan Joseph – ProcessFlows

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