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The Multiple Methods of Data Capture

ProcessFlows frequently gets asked about the different methods of data capture and how ProcessFlows can support businesses.

AFA Insurance handles 80% of all claims automatically

By switching from traditional mailroom processes to Digital Mailroom, AFA Insurance has transformed the way they do business.

The Mailroom of the Future

Partners, ProcessFlows, ReadSoft, Stortext, ibml and Kodak Alaris recently presented ‘Digital Mailroom’ at a Seminar held in the Tower of London.

We’ve changed our name to Avanquest ProcessFlows

For over 20 years, Avanquest Solutions has been helping enterprises streamline the way they do business and increase efficiency.

Do the new FSA Regulations apply to fax?

From the 9th of March 2009, the FSA rule on retaining Electronic Documents for at least 6 months came into place.

What exactly is Business Process Automation?

Key to any successful Business Process Automation overhaul is understanding the business – the ‘pain points’ and future needs.

Why continue to invest in fax technology?

Even though fax has been around for over 150 years, it is still regarded as the most reliable, fast and secure methods of communication.

What about the ‘green’ element?

Find out what businesses can do to reduce the impact on the Earth’s natural resources whilst reducing their costs.

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