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How can a managed IT service provider benefit your business?

August 27, 2021

Many businesses reach the turning point – to have an in-house IT department or to benefit from an IT managed service provider. This can be a daunting decision for businesses – being challenged to provide highly personalised services and technical innovation, whilst reducing the cost, removing the risk and providing extended hours.

68% of UK SMEs have turned to managed IT services

Make sure you consider the following 9 factors as to why you should think about hiring an IT managed service provider:

  • 1

    Achieve greater IT resilience and support coverage at either the same or lower total costs

    Using a managed IT provider can allow you to reduce organisation’s operational costs, preserve capital budget and lower IT operating expenses whilst having the capacity to overcome your IT challenges.

  • 2

    Access specific IT expertise, support and world-class service delivery & helpdesk operations

    With an IT provider, you can access the collective experience of a team of IT professionals with specific and in-depth qualifications, industry training, and up-to-date certifications.

  • 3

    Reduce the IT headaches, risks, operational costs associated with the day to day IT Management tasks

    A managed IT provider can take 100% control of your IT environment, ensuring your technological needs are met and that technology continually propels your business forward.

  • 4

    Get the right IT support & services for your business

    Benefit from tailored advice, managed services, expert resource and support on your terms.

  • 5

    Increased security and improved compliance through best practice IT management & monitoring

    Managed It providers aim to mitigate any of these risks and promote a security-first mindset.

  • 6

    Free up internal staff to focus on your key IT project and strategic objectives, i.e. technology enabled innovation

    Outsourcing can help your organisation stay focused on revenue-generating activities and innovation.

  • 7

    Scalability to handle the peaks and the quieter time

    Flex a managed service according to your needs and gaps. Something which is not possible in-house.

  • 8

    The support & business relationship you require – IT services for IT Teams, Service Providers & Business Owners

    Managed service providers can provide it support and assistance either for short- or long-term engagements.

  • 9

    Focus on your customers, your employees and your core values – not just the day to day

    Lead IT innovation to create new customer experiences as well as empowered and engaged workforces.

Considering hiring A Managed IT Service Provider – Not sure where to start?

Choosing a managed IT service provider doesn’t have to be painful. Book an online consultation with an IT expert directly here, or contact us on or 01962 835053.

Alternatively, we also offer a formal IT Health check Assessment process to help give you a baseline understanding of your IT health, gaps and a clear view of what needs to be managed. It’s free of charge and no-obligation. You can book your pre-assessment consultation online here with one of your tech team.

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