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OpenText RightFax 20.2 is now available

The newest version of RightFax is packed with new features and functionality to help businesses optimise workflows and more.
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Simplify call processing with OpenText CX-E Voice Automated Attendant

CX-E Auto Attendant is flexible and highly scalable, allowing different menus by department and location for operating hours, holidays etc. Watch our webinar.
Did he really send a fax?

Did he really send a fax?

After news that Lionel Messi sent a fax requesting a transfer, it seems the internet is in shock that people actually still use fax.
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Secure logins with SMS one-time passwords

An SMS one-time password (OTP) is an authorisation method to authenticate a user for a single login session or transaction and an SMS OTP is much more secure than email OTP.
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Working in the New World of Call Distribution – OpenText CX-E Voice Call Assistant

See our webinar, where we discuss the benefits of CX-E Voice Call Assistant and the benefits to your organisation.
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Time to Upgrade Your OpenText CX-E Voice v 8.7

Is your OpenText CX-E Voice running version 8.7 or previous? Still on Windows Server 2008? If so, it’s time to upgrade.
G Cloud 11

ProcessFlows Cloud Fax and 123-txt Awarded G-Cloud 11 Status

Cloud based Fax and SMS solutions, ProcessFlows Cloud Fax and 123-txt, join the G Cloud 11 Digital Marketplace.
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Have you considered Cloud Fax?

Even in the age of digitalisation, fax is still a key player in the world of communication. ProcessFlows Cloud Fax can eliminate obsolete hardware and alleviate ongoing costs
ProcessFlows call centre directory

ProcessFlows Call Centre Directory

We cover every major area of Unified Communications to equip our customers with the tools they need to adapt to the evolving communications landscape.

When and Why You Should Consider Outsourcing

Companies of all sizes can use ProcessFlows outsourcing as a cost-effective way to expand and augment their team’s skill set.
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Remote Working & Power PDF

Power PDF from Kofax is the perfect partner for business users working remotely, offering a powerful, intuitive, easy-to-deploy solution.
ProcessFlows is here to support you

COVID-19 Update

ProcessFlows is committed to supporting your business throughout the course of this pandemic and to provide continuity of service at all times.

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