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PowerPDF – The Perfect PDF Partner for Business Users

December 16, 2021

Well-equipped, affordable PDF editor software such as Kofax PowerPDF is a must-have for any organisation. Here are the top PowerPDF features that you will love:

1) Best in Class OCR Technology

Optical character recognition has been around for a long time, but PowerPDF utilises best-in-class ‘in house’ Kofax OCR technology, capably producing accurate, full-text copies of existing documents or freshly-scanned PDFs. With robust OCR, you can save hours of time that you would otherwise spend re-typing information.

2) Convert PDF Files in Seconds

Can you convert a PDF into Word or Excel right now? What if you need to pull out a chart in a PDF and modify it in Excel, or update and add to the text in a section of a document? The Power PDF converter is appropriate for highly accurate transitions between diverse file types. In just seconds, you can convert PDF files to Word/Excel and back as needed.

3) Automatically Create and Fill Forms

Digitising paper forms make it easy to collect information or send and share it. PowerPDF includes form creation tools that are easy to use, plus an intelligent system that can automatically scan documents and add form fields to the appropriate locations. A perfect feature to assist with the customers Digital Transformation journey.

4) Annotate and Edit PDFs

Working with collaborators and other team members doesn’t require expensive cloud software, especially if you’re sharing a network. PowerPDF includes a full suite of PDF markup software and annotation tools for effective document creation. Multiple users can engage in real-time collaboration on a local network, eliminating confusion for small teams.

5) Secure Documents with Heavy-Duty Encryption

For every organisation document security is a critical concern. You might not worry about the prying eyes of competitors, but you can still ensure that any user must enter the password for a document before they can see its contents? Today’s PDF format supports the strongest standards of encryption, such as AES-256, so you can make sure that every PDF is password protected.

6) Integrate With Cloud Storage

With the right tools, you can ensure that hard drive failures and sudden system outages don’t mean losing valuable progress on your documents. Take advantage of cloud connectivity with popular services like Box, Evernote, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

7) Sign and Request Signatures in One Place

The PDF is a capable replacement for wet ink signature practices. When you need others to sign documents, or when you need to give approval yourself, you can use PowerPDF to sign a PDF and even send it through your preferred email client. Sign and fill operations dramatically reduce turnaround times on documents. PowerPDF can integrate into an organisations Kofax SignDoc  or Docusign account.

8) Split and Merge PDFs as Needed

Don’t let useful information remain stuck in PDFs when you need it in other applications. With PowerPDF, you can split documents according to a wide range of rules or combine them.

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