Choosing a Managed IT service provider? – 6 key areas to consider

May 29, 2021

Choosing a managed IT service provider can seem like a complex and daunting task. Make sure you consider the following 6 areas to simplify the selection process, remove risk and ensure you get the right Managed IT provider for your organisation:

  • Support & Partner Type

    At a basic level, what kind of partnership and level of IT support do you really need?  Reactive, Proactive, Managed and even Strategic? Is the Partner able to deliver at that level?

  • Response Time & service levels

    Response times are defined in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) this is where some MSP’s fail as they are not able to commit or deliver to a response time with emails and calls being left unanswered for days or even weeks. Consider how important your IT & data is your operations, what level of support your workforce and operations need.

  • Proactive & prevention approach

    As a way of averting the impact of IT failures and disasters on your business, you should select a provider who can carry out preventive and proactive maintenance services in addition to monitoring . This is different to responsive support where the disaster has already happened and the provider is playing catch up. We have a set of industry leading tools to help pro-actively monitor your systems and carry out automated maintenance to ensure your systems are running as they should and alert us to anything that may cause an incident. Every day, we remove risk and resolve issues before they have an impact.

  • Scalability

    Your IT partner should be able to flex its service operations to deliver the support & services you need during your peaks, troughs as well as into your future. Is your partner able to deliver the hours and level of support and service you need when you need it?

  • Specific Support or Service Requirements

    A good IT partner should be able to help customers progress their business agenda through IT and service innovation. They should also be able to provide a range of IT service & support options to meet your specific requirements. We offer a range services that cover the entire IT spectrum – from basic requirements to fully managed IT services and beyond such as process automation, digitisation or custom service desks.

  • Price

    Make sure you consider the service level & partnership over price – ultimately this is what matters  when protecting your operations & data as well as counting on in your time of need.  We provide expert-led proactive services to prevent problems from happening – all delivered through industry aligned service desk operations and leading IT service management and delivery toolsets.

Choosing A Managed IT Service Provider – Not sure where to start?

Choosing a managed IT service provider doesn’t have to be painful. Book an online consultation with an IT expert directly here, or contact us on or 01962 835053.

Alternatively, we also offer a formal IT Health check Assessment process to help give you a baseline understanding of your IT health, gaps and a clear view of what needs to be managed. It’s free of charge and no-obligation. You can book your pre-assessment consultation online here with one of your tech team.

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