Business Process Outsourcing: Dedicated vs Shared Agents

You may feel a little daunted and vulnerable at the prospect of outsourcing your business processes. Although you understand the benefits, we appreciate that choosing the right service provider is an act of ultimate trust. If you have not used BPO services before, you probably have a lot of questions.

business process outsourcing - dedicated agent vs shared resourceTo shed light on the topic, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a dedicated agent as opposed to using a shared resource.

Their entire focus is on you

A dedicated agent will live and breathe your business and nothing else. Their most precious resource – their attention and focus – will be available to you indiscriminately. Studies have repeatedly shown that it takes people time to refocus when switching between unrelated tasks, which wastes valuable time and reduces productivity. A dedicated agent will maximise your investment because you get their undivided attention.

Still cheaper than in-house employees, yet a functional extension of your team

Price-wise, it is still cost-effective to use a dedicated outsourced agent compared to hiring an employee in-house. By doing this, you get the best of both worlds – a specialised person that acts as an extension to your existing team and operations, providing dedicated service, but without having to worry about their payroll, benefits, workspace etc.

Maintain your quality standards and SOPs

Your dedicated agent adheres strictly to the standards and operating procedures you set, which means there is no compromise on the quality of service provided by them. When it comes to business process outsourcing, we ensure the following principle is explicitly kept: your business, your rules.

Providing multiple areas of expertise

The professionals we hire come invariably seasoned in a multitude of areas, having experienced a variety of projects in different industries. The nature of their work requires they stay flexible, adaptable, sharp and receptive to new challenges. This interdisciplinary expertise can provide a significant value add to your existing operations.

Data confidentiality and information security guaranteed

We are acutely aware of the importance of maintaining data confidentiality and information security. A dedicated agent working for you will uphold the highest standards of data security. We provide comprehensive training, all required tools and systems, and ensure best practices are in place at all times.

You can manage their time and their daily tasks

Your dedicated agent is effectively your employee, which means you can manage their tasks, organise their time around your specific objectives, as well as set priorities and keep a reliable communication channel open. Be as involved as you need to be in your agent’s everyday work regime, making the most out of your investment.

Hiring a dedicated agent as opposed to using a shared resource could be the right fit for you if you value focus and reliability, wish to outsource across geographical localities, and are looking for delegating large volume of specialised tasks on operations critical to your business. We appreciate this is an important business decision and would love to help you make an educated and intelligent choice based on your specific needs.

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