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10 Reasons Why You should Use A Project Manager For An Organisational Change Project

10 reasons why you should use a project manager for your critical business change projects.

6 Signs it’s Time to Use a Managed Services Provider

MSP is a hosted services model, allowing you to simplify your IT function, passing the management of day-to-day services to a trusted partner

When and Why You Should Consider Outsourcing

Companies of all sizes can use ProcessFlows outsourcing as a cost-effective way to expand and augment their team’s skill set.

3 Simple Steps To Differentiate Your Outsourced Services

Start working with your clients towards shared goals using a simple to use, cost effective tool that re-introduces the value to your outsourced services offering.

ProcessFlows Appoints Mike O’Reilly as Outsourced Services Sales Consultant

ProcessFlows is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike O’Reilly as Outsourced Services Sales Consultant.

How to measure the quality of your customer service

When considering your own customer service, how can you tell if you’re achieving the highest level of quality or not?

Why You Need to Outsource Your Data Entry

By outsourcing your data entry, you’ll be able to achieve maximum production output and concentrate on your core business ventures.

Who is Outsourcing to Bulgaria and Why

During the past few years Bulgaria has leapfrogged other countries and is currently ranked first in Europe as the best outsourcing destination.

Outsourcing Multilingual Customer Support Services – Expand your global reach

Multilingual support allows companies to service their existing clients whilst finding overseas business opportunities to bring in additional revenue.

How Outsourcing Improves Your Customer Services

Choosing outsourcing as a tool will help businesses to improve the quality of customer support, in a relatively short time.

An Outsourcing Success Story from ProcessFlows

ProcessFlows launched their outsourced business process and managed services operation in Europe five years ago, with just a handful of staff.

How to Choose the Best Outsourcing Partner?

After you have made the decision to outsource some of your business processes, the next step is to ensure you find the right outsourcing partner.
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