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Why You Need to Outsource Your Data Entry

May 31, 2016

We’re living in the golden age of information. The big data deluge expands at an exponential rate every day; it’s good for business, but only when handled properly.

Data entry is a critical process no matter the size of your business. Increasingly large volumes of data are being integrated into companies – that data has the power to transform businesses when entered efficiently, such that it can be fully utilised.

Why is it difficult to keep data entry in-house?

Data entry is often perceived as an easy task of copying and pasting information, but as with all jobs, much of the true skills required for the task lie under the surface. Teams involved with the project need a familiarity with relevant terminology and the background of products. Attention to detail is absolutely necessary, as is precision and efficiency. Accuracy and a good typing speed are also highly coveted data entry skills. As such, it’s not always possible to find the right team in-house. Between the skills and experience needed, it can be easier to outsource the talent you need.

Aside from the abilities needed for data entry, there are other considerations to take into account. As far as clichés go, “time is money” has never been more relevant. Taking too much time away from your existing employees means you aren’t getting the best out of their primary job roles, especially because data entry is so time-consuming. Compromising their productivity in those areas means compromising your profit margin.

Finding a solution elsewhere

The most time- and cost-effective way for you to stay on top of data entry is by outsourcing it. Your employees will be freed up from the tedium of data entry tasks that often get neglected anyway because other projects are priorities.
Your business will make savings, not just because of the time saved for your employees, but because you won’t need to expend any resources on training, recruitment, hardware/software installations and technical maintenance.

What kind of tasks can fall into the definition of data entry?

  • Data entry services from both handwritten and printed documents
  • PDF conversion services
  • Scanning
  • OCR clean up
  • Data enrichment
  • Data capture
  • Bulk bill/order processing
  • Indexing
  • Catalogue conversion and digitisation into different formats
  • Data extraction and analysis
  • Internet research, email mining, and customised list creation

Data input can come from anywhere; it can be sourced from traditional formats such as paper documents and business cards all the way to digital formats like HTML and MS Excel. The data can then be output into an equally large spectrum that includes ASCII format, COBOL and PDF.

By outsourcing your data entry, you’ll be able to achieve maximum production output with a trained data entry team, while also reaping the benefits of the time released to concentrate on your core business ventures and goals.

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