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How Outsourcing Improves Your Customer Services

January 26, 2016

Anyone running an organisation knows that keeping their clients happy is highly important … but more often than not there are other driving factors in business that distract attention away from focusing on Customer Services. However, given more time and attention, improvements in this area could actually lead to increased sales … so how can a busy organisation tackle the task of increasing service with minimal distraction from core functions and responsibilities?

A customer survey by KPMG states that:

  • 48% of UK companies choose to outsource to improve their customer services
  • 56% mentioned that there is a need to access skills through outsourcing, since it is evident that the cutbacks in the past years caused a shortage of key people in the company
  • 77% of the respondents plan to keep, if not increase, their levels of outsourcing
  • 45% will most likely boost their IT outsourcing over the next 12 months

Choosing outsourcing as a tool will help businesses to improve the quality of customer support, in a relatively short time. The advantages of outsourcing include:

  • Quality is the priority
    When outsourcing your customer services team to a trusted BPO partner, you immediately make it their top priority to provide you with excellent service. In addition, they have much greater knowledge and expertise on how to improve quality of service than a company that has to deal with all areas of business.
  • Access to wider variety of talent
    By outsourcing your helpdesk/customer services team you will profit from high quality staff who have been specifically selected and trained for your exact business needs.
  • Greater accessibility
    The ability to offer a multilingual, 24/7 service for your clients not only offers better service, but also opens many new opportunities. In cases where you have international clients, being available at all times is critical. Outsourcing can allows this, letting you sleep at night and not worry about the additional costs your business will acquire if you were to do it yourself.
  • More focus on your core functions
    Outsourcing your customer care will give you the freedom to dedicate your full attention to sales or other major business processes – You can grow your business whilst a dedicate team of experts are taking care of your client’s enquiries.

Depending on your specific needs, outsourcing may very well be the best solution for your organisation. Caroline Daniels, a business owner and lecturer in entrepreneurship, sums it up very well: “Customer service has got to be a balance of high tech and high touch.” …. We’d add “And who can do it better than a company that specialises in that field and is well known for its expertise?!”

ProcessFlows understands that some organisations can be nervous of relinquishing direct management control over their staff. We have developed an approach whereby you can gain all of the benefits of an in-house team, whilst enjoying the cost advantages of using an outsourcing location. We can even employ the staff on your behalf, dealing with all recruitment and office costs, whilst you may retain the direct day-to-day managerial responsibilities.

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