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Outsourcing Multilingual Customer Support Services – Expand your global reach

February 10, 2016

The dynamics of business are constantly changing, far quicker than ever before, with many new variables taking effect. In response to this, a lot of businesses are growing globally, reaching out to new markets and adjusting their products and services in order to attract new clients worldwide. Customer diversity in this global operation is now common, which requires efficient, multilingual customer support operations in order to succeed.

Multilingual support allows companies to service their existing clients whilst expanding horizons for all-important new overseas business opportunities to bring in additional revenue. This added value however comes with more complex processes and operations. In order to save the time and effort it takes in setting up a fully operational call centre, with agents speaking different languages, companies usually choose to outsource the service.

Choosing the outsourcing route will benefit in a number of ways, such as saving time and costs with the recruitment process, saving money on the extra office space, peripherals and supplies that will be needed for the expansion, and so on.

If you have decided to expand your customer support by providing a multilingual support service and you have chosen outsourcing as a tool to provide that service, here are some essential keys to successfully establish effective operations:

  1. Tailored Recruitment Process
    During the first phase of implementing multilingual customer support, it is very important that clear instructions and profiles of the type of agents you are looking to recruit are provided to your outsourcing partner. Make sure you stay involved and active in the recruitment process and state your approval on employees you would like to have on your team, but keep in mind that the outsourcing company has had experience with projects like this and can guide you through the process.
  2. Quality Training
    Provide your multilingual team with all necessary training and role playing needed in order for them to be able to deliver the high quality service that you require. Emphasis should be put on cultural differences, but the outsourcing providers are well aware of that and you can rely on them to get the agents ready and capable of understanding the main areas of difference.
  3. Project Monitoring
    Just like with any new project, your multilingual outsourced support team has to be monitored at all times, especially in the first stages. After everything takes off and the service is running smoothly, monitoring, checking and additional training will still be required. That way you can be sure that you have the right people and your clients are getting professional representatives to handle their requests.

Many companies are now relying on outsourcing providers to help them develop multilingual customer support operations, to insure fast, efficient and reliable processing of customers’ requests. This gives them the ability to reduce costs, open new markets and increase the added value of their organisation as a whole.

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