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3 Simple Steps To Differentiate Your Outsourced Services

May 14, 2018

Outsourced service providers find themselves in a similar predicament as the petrol stations of yesteryear. A previously value based market rapidly being commoditised with its participants looking for ways to differentiate their offering and attract new clients.

Discover the 3 Steps of Differentiation

As a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO), I wouldn’t suggest you start offering cafes, supermarket style shopping or rewards programmes. There is a way you can stand out from the crowd. Be different and sell on value, not price.

But how do you introduce the value to your offering? With 3 simple steps.

  1. Become accountable. This means 100% transparency during the design, delivery and improvement of the outsourced processes. Be open and honest but continue to challenge your prospective client’s assumptions.
  2. Work with your client. Stop working for your client and start working with your client. Start working collaboratively with your client on every process so that every stakeholder. Be it junior or senior, internal or external, is 100% heard and 100% bought in to the change and successful delivery of your new outsourced offering.
  3. Think Differently. Be open to change, be flexible to changing customer needs and continually challenge the status quo. So that your client sees value in the expertise you’re bring to the table, above and beyond the commoditised outsourced service you’re offering.

BusinessOptix for Outsourced Services

The 3 steps above are simple on paper but achieving them is made more difficult with the wrong tools. Start using an online tool, such as BusinessOptix, to clearly document all of the processes with your prospective client.

Old software packages like Microsoft Office, email, Visio, and SharePoint aren’t fit for purpose because this isn’t what they were designed for. Using a tool, like BusinessOptix, that has been built with the sole purpose collaborative working with your clients, accountability in an auditable manner and making your clients comfortable that they’re getting the best solution to their problems. Therefore you will stand out from the crowd and win more business.

So stop working for your clients and start working with them towards shared goals using a simple to use, cost effective tool that re-introduces the value to your outsourced services offering.

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