7 Steps To Create Your Digital Workplace, Workspaces & Operations

If you are struggling with the limitations of a traditional workplace and operation listed here, it can feel overwhelming and difficult to know where to start to transition to and create a digital workplace.

ProcessFlows are experts in modernising all aspects of business operations and workplaces across people, process and technology. Here are some key considerations and ideas to consider when transforming and modernising your workplace & operations. There isn’t one right approach nor starting point but it will give you a glimpse of what it is possible:

1)  Move to a Modern Digital Workspaces to kick start discussions, sharing, ideas and working together across silos from anywhere

Too many workforces are being held back by ineffective tools for leaders and teams to talk, share and work together. Too many rely on old habits and applications, email, network drives, telephone and static intranets. It is a major barrier to creating effective and engaged workforces.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, can help business transition to fully integrated and complete digital workspaces to transform workforce productivity, collaboration and communications based on the latest Microsoft 365 digital workspace & platform. We break down silos and get individuals, teams and the whole organisation – Leaders, managers & operational teams talking, sharing, collaborating and working in much richer and more powerful ways both internally and with customers.

145 Million Businesses now use Microsoft Teams alone to support remote working and collaboration.

Microsoft December 2020

The possibilities are endless and can be tailored easily to suit requirements from unified communications and video calling to project sites, surveys, intranet pages, announcements, recordings, forums, controlled templates or policy, etc.

Check that your IT Infrastructure can meet the demands of a Digital workplace & remote operation. You may need to consider Managed IT services to cover gaps in remote working support or  remote monitoring and management to protect the underlying infrastructure & data your workforce is accessing.

2) Address Your Information & Content Choas

The management of everyday content and versions across presentations, proposals, contracts is a massive source of operational inefficiency. Digital workspaces and siloed SaaS applications can actually make the situation worst.

An astonishing 30% of a workforce’s time is spent searching for information whilst 70% of content is recreated. IDC

It doesn’t have to be this way. Modern content management platforms help businesses manage content efficiently throughout its life from creation, search, collaboration and workflows to archive, publishing and destruction. They provide a single point of view and control of all control by directly integrating with everyday tools such as Microsoft 365 as well as core systems such as ERPs. More advanced Content Management platforms can also manage and automate business processes that standard BPM solutions struggle to manage.

ProcessFlows specialise in the top content management providers on the market according to Gartner – Microsoft, Hyland, M-files, OpenText and Kofax.

3) Digitise & Organise Your Data As Well As  Remove Paper – inbound & outbound

Paper  & unstructured digital data is difficult to process. They are a major source of inefficiencies and errors. However structuring data & removing paper from operations can be a challenge.  When transforming processes we have a digital by default approach – ie we use digital forms to digitise & stucture at point of capture. We also try to integrate with source data rather than a processed form.

90% of all business information is unstructured and resides in documents and other content.

Where this isn’t possible, we specialise in digital mailrooms and automatic data capture, extraction and classification to digitise information from any source and make it ready for digital workflows and automation, i.e. orders, employee correspondence and support documents. It’s an essential 1st step to removing the challenges associated with manual and paper based processing, search, errors, lack of or missing information, etc.

4)  Focus on your Core  –  Consider using Managed Services or Outsourcing for Non-Core Tasks and Operations

Can your operations keep up with your demands? with best practice or Market changes? Do you have gaps in expertise or capacity? Can you flex your operations?

Through our managed service delivery centre, we can deliver a range of resources, capabilities and operational tasks as a service to meet your requirements & SLAs in a more cost effective and scalable manner:

The Resource, Outcomes & SLAs you need

Client facing or back-office. proactive or reactive, service desks & helpdesks to manage and provide and deliver a wide range of resource, tasks or outcomes as a service based on SLAs agreed you


Single Point of Control

Multi-channel, multi-lingual, 24/7/365 capability to provide a single point of escalation and management for internal or external requests, incidents, queries etc

Flexible & Pay-As-You-go

Scale up or down to extend hours or reach of operations.  Adjust to market changes, opportunities as well as operational peaks or quiet times.

Seamless Simplicity

Our delivery centre can use your own systems, or our systems for service desks and automation – depending on what meets your requirements.

Our Helpdesks & Service desks can be tailored to your specific internal or customer facing operational requirements. Find out more about our world class service delivery operation here.

5)  Digitise & Automate your key operational processes to unlock new performances and experiences

Don’t let legacy systems such ERPs and manual processes hold you back. Ensure your core business tasks and processes are digitally managed and automated where possible.

ProcessFlows specialise in digital process management and process automation to achieve new performances, customer experiences and revenues as well as remove the risks and burdens of manual processes across your operations:

1. Digital Mailroom
2. Quality Management
3. Contract Management
4. Case Management
5. Claims Management
6. Human Resources & People Management

We provide digital workflow and automation solutions to suite any requirement and complexity. From simple tasks and workflows in a small business to complex and customised business processes in larger organisation based on industry best practice Business Process Model & Notations(BPMN 2.0).

We can also handle automation exceptions for you as a service through our service desks. Solutions can be on-premise, hybrid or cloud-based.

6)  Get Real-time Visibility & Control Of Your Operations –  Dashboards, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Getting real-time visibility and control of your performances across your operations can be a real challenge for many businesses. Just understanding 360°status can be challenge let alone performance via KPIs or trends.

Essential operational data is often unstructured in nature, dispersed across multiple systems, different departmental processes (Sales, Support & Operations, Finance and Marketing) as well as documents types and reports.

CEOs that spearhead data-driven decisions are 77% more likely to achieve business goals.


We provide Business Intelligence and Data Analytics capabilities to bridge the silos and turn operational data and data sources into actionable insights. Our experts use tools such as Business Intuitive Dashboards and Microsoft Power Platform BI to provide you with the information, visibility, understanding and control of your entire operations and customer experiences.

7) Discovery Assessments to help you plan & create a Digital workplace & operations of the future

What does you digital workplace need to support? Which processes should be digitally managed or even automated? Can outsourcing help you with your none core?

The answers and starting point for any business transformation isn’t the same for everyone. The path to true operational transformation and excellence is about what best for your business requirements and specific situation across people, process and technology.

We always use a formal discovery process and structured methodology for understanding, assessing, planning and delivering any transformation. It includes:

Understand specific business & operational requirements and challenges


Understand the operational context – Map existing processes including interconnected processes, people and systems – upstream and downstream.

Confirm assessment results, highlight gaps. Make any specific recommendations & proposals across people, process and systems

If a solution or service is proposed & accepted.  Our accredited project management team manages the smooth implementation process through to signoff and transition to continuous improvement.

To make sure there aren’t ghost or forgotten processes, we can also offer Data compliance health checks that looks for confidential data to help identify the broken process, risk and help fix it.

Our Discovery assessments and consultants can help you plan your digital operations and workplaces of the future, identify the possibilities, “low hanging fruits” and best starting points based on your business requirements and your existing state today.

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