Do You Need A Digital Workplace & Operations?

Here are some common signs you need a digital workplace and your traditional workplace and operations are holding your business back. If your business is struggling to respond to change, deliver new performances and experiences, it might be time to look at a modern digital workplace and operations.

Information and Document Chaos
Too much time is spent searching for information, documents and the latest content across teams.

Lack of Collaboration
Business teams – front and back office don’t collaboration as one and built operational and information silos.

Manual Processes
Lack of automation – processes are barely digital and highly inefficient, i.e. high email use.

Unreliable Pipeline and Forecasting
Manual reporting is more accurate than system reporting.

Poor Cash Management
Bottlenecks in accounts payables and receivables and lack of visibility means lots of surprises and pressure at the end of each month.

Lack of Single POV and Control
Management struggle to get a clear picture of metrics, performance vs KPI, Status, bottlenecks.

Unreliable Delivery Quality and Schedules
Problems with systems, processes reflect poor delivery, production, support and renewal performances.

Low Moral & Motivation
Operations don’t feel an essential part of the company vision – engaged, commitment and motivated.

Lack of Governance & Compliance
Ungoverned processes and activity are rife and no-one really has that much control of outcomes.

Transformation Projects Tend to be Hype
History of transformation projects that fail to have impact and get bogged down in complexities and resistance to change.

Office Based by Default
Operations struggle to work and collaborate effectively from home or anywhere.

Lack of Responsiveness
The business as a whole struggles to respond to challenges, risk and opportunity.

Poor Customer Experiences and Broken Promises
Sales promises are broken repeatedly and customer are unhappy with support.

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