The Importance Of Your Support Functions & Operations In A Digital World.

In a digital world, all employees and operations are equal and vital to your success. The terms “back office” or even “support” reinforce out of date practices and concepts.

In a digital world, we believe your operations and support functions are more important than ever and in many ways the new frontline – They are the teams and orchestration engines behind your digital processes and digital customer experiences.

From customer and sales support, client services as well as functions such as HR, IT, Legal, Finance & Accounting. It’s time for you to start to unlock their full potential.

A modern digital workplace & operation helps remove silos and create engaged and effective workforces – Not just in sales, but across your entire organisation and all operations. Unlocking the potential of these teams creates a powerful force for good and a platform for business agility, operational innovation, new performances and customer experiences.

Its also true, that if your workforces aren’t engaged or effective this creates resistance to change and operational silos that will hold your business back.

Key back office or business operations include:

  • Human resources (HR)
  • Information technology (IT) / Data Management
  • Legal
  • Compliance/Fraud/Risk Management
  • Procurement
  • Finance and Accounting

Key Front office or customer facing operations include:

  • Customer Support
  • Sales order processing
  • Quote generation & handling
  • Contract Management
  • Client services & renewals
  • Dispute resolution
  • Customer on-boarding
  • Also industry specific functions i.e. claims or case handling, Loans, mortgage operations and field service management

Unlock The Potential Of Your Entire Workforce

Your customer support & back office operations are an essential part of your operational delivery day in day out. They also hold the key to your successful digital transformation in the following areas – all are essential to your success & survival in a digital world. Its time to unlock the potential of your entire workforce.

Help you contract new services efficiently and compliantly

Warn you of business bottlenecks, risks and make informed decision faster

Protect your cash, bring the cash in and pay the right amounts out

invoice po match

Turn a sales promise to an order, to a delivery, an invoice, revenue and profit – reliably, resiliently and without waste

They help you understand and simplify complexity such as compliance

They deliver your 5 star CSAT ratings and amaze your customer to feed the future pipeline

They can see new ideas and opportunities for you in your operational processes

They keep your business and IT infrastructure safe from threats and all your operations productive

They secure you the best talent and help you build engaged and effective workforces

They represent your company and expertise in the digital world to attract new customers in a professional manner

They can also be your silo and your resistance to change if neglected.

They can turn a business idea into a reality, a new service or revenue stream

In digital world these teams are your unsung heros, your customer face, your infrastructure, your processes – they are your business as much as you are. Those businesses that neglect their business operations and workspaces soon find that their operations become a burden to the business rather than the essential and resilient platform for innovation and continuous progress that they can be. It time to rethink operation & unlock the potential of your entire workforce.

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