10 Benefits of A Digital Workplace & Operation

Recent years have seen huge innovations in cloud-based computing, productivity & collaboration apps,  intelligence automation, IoT as well as data analytics and hybrid services. These advances have laid the foundation for the intelligent connected workplaces and operations of the future. Here are some of the key benefits of a modern digital operation and workplace:

Switch from Capex to Pay as you need

Innovation and transformation is a challenge to fund during different times, shift to pay as you go to access the infrastructure, skills, resource you need based on demand.

Enhanced Compliance and Governance

Digital workflows and automation can be used to enforce checks and processes whilst managed services deliver desired outcomes to SLAs.

360° visibility & control of your operations

Digital operations & managed services are set and delivered to SLAs. It is easier to get consistent reporting and at-a-glance visibility of your operations, bottlenecks and performances vs KPIs.

Deliver new customer experiences & performances without barriers

Automation & managed services give access to skills, resource and outcomes whenever you need then to deliver new customer experiences & even business models based on access to industry leading skills & service delivery systems and processes – All delivered & charged for as a service/ Pay As You Go & without the usual in-house risks, costs and delays. From 24/7 helpdesks to custom service desks for any operational application.

IT infrastructure and management as a service Pay as you Go

Access IT expertise, hosted or managed infrastructure, 24/7 resilience and support as well as IT management best practice all as a service – to cover your IT gaps or manage your entire IT.

Cut operating SGA costs & achieve new performances quickly

Businesses using Managed services, Digital workflows & automated processes see up to 81% lower processing costs and 73% faster processing cycle times. (Business Insider 2020). Managed and outsourced services as well as automated & digital operations drive better performances and provide access to operational excellence, best practice that is not possible.

Focus on your customers and core value

Buying operational outcomes as a services as well as automation free up teams allows you to focus on your customers & core strengths. For everything else access industry best practice, de-risk, removing the everyday operational burdens from your operations as well as improve customer’s experiences.

Business Agility, Scalability & resilience

Pay as you go services by their nature are much more flexible than in house operations whilst automated operations have infinite scalability. Seize opportunities, extend reach or hours of operation, scale up to meet the demands of peak times without additional staff or down to ensure no white space during quieter times or seasons.

Unlock workforce & business potential

Operational Staff freed from manual and repetitive task can be empowered and refocused on strategically important tasks and challenges such as growth & innovations projects or customer relationship management. An empowered workforce is a happy and driven workforce that delivers better results.

Minimize Business Risks

Less Waste & Inefficiencies across Operations

Tasks delivered as a service, governed digital workflows and automation means fewer mistakes, less white space, less manual tasks and delays. System and process silos can be bridged through integrated automation and workflows to maximise gains. Any automation exceptions or challenging tasks can be managed by a service desk for you keeping your operation focussed, lean and specialised. Digital workplace tools such Microsoft teams and document management platforms integrate to enable richer collaboration, communication and efficient information management from anywhere.

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