How We’ve Helped Our Customers

Residential Management Group – a CloudFax Case Study

The Cloud Fax installation was completed within a day and most importantly, no downtime.

Intuitive BI – an Outsourcing Case Study

Outsourcing with ProcessFlows opened a whole new host of opportunities, which would not have been available otherwise.

UBU Environmental – a 123 txt Case Study

Fast and Effective Communications for Mobile Staff with 123-txt solution.
􀀀Leading Manufacturer of Technician’s

Leading Manufacturer of Technician’s Tools – SMS

A Manufacturer of Technician’s Tools adopts an SMS solution for their UK franchises to improve its services and reduce contact centre costs.
SMS in Manufacturing

SMS in Manufacturing

The use of SMS in the Manufacturing industry - SMS impacting on company's logistics and distribution, communications and customer care.
􀀀Local authority improves communications while cutting costs with

Local authority improves communications while cutting costs with SMS

Councils have been one of the early adopters of SMS messaging, creating an easy way to keep residents informed and engaged.

Cornwall Council – a Unified Communications solution Case Study

Cornwall Council improved their customer service by implementing a voice activated contact centre.

3 Reasons Why It’s time to Revisit the Digital Mailroom

The digital mailroom, or mailroom automation as it is also known, is having somewhat of a renaissance – and when you look closely it’s easy to see why.

ProcessFlows Practises – an SMS solution Case Study

For three decades, ProcessFlows has been distributing best-of-breed technology to customers and partners.

Places for People – an Intelligent Information Management Case Study

Places for People had a lot of knowledge on dashboards and data manipulation a but needed a solution that they could manage internally.

Multinational conglomerate – a RightFax Case Study

A world famous organisation sends and receives over 450,000 faxes every month.

South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust – a RightFax Case Study

ProcessFlows network fax has improved communications between acute and out-of-hospital services for Northern Ireland’s South Eastern & Social Care Trust.
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