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Evolve Computers – an Outsourcing Case Study

July 8, 2019

Headed up by Managing Director David Watson, Evolve Computers are an IT services business based in London, UK. They provide traditional helpdesk maintenance, cyber threat prevention and strategic advice services to small business clients in London.

The Client – Meet Evolve Computers

Evolve Computers, headed up by Managing Director David Watson, are an IT services business based in London, UK. They provide traditional helpdesk maintenance, cyber threat prevention and strategic advice services to small business clients in London.

The Challenge – Finding and Retaining Good Quality Customer Support Staff

The company deal with small businesses who value personal service. However, finding and recruiting the right people to provide the expected high service levels turned out to be a time-consuming challenge.

There are a number of reasons that explain the recruitment struggle. According to David Watson, “It is very much a candidate market in the UK when it comes to recruitment. This means it is expensive and time-consuming to find and recruit people of the right quality. For me running a business, having recruitment and staffing issues is just a horrible distraction.”

The Solution – Hiring a Dedicated Customer Support Team with ProcessFlows

Evolve were originally looking to outsource in the UK but stumbled upon ProcessFlows through a simple Google Search. As ProcessFlows head office turned out to be in his hometown, David quickly set up a meeting to discuss the outsourcing opportunity. There he saw a video of the ProcessFlows Outsourcing operation in Sofia, which piqued his interest and helped sell the nearshore concept to him.

Upon engaging with ProcessFlows, David submitted job specs for roles he was looking to hire. Not long after, he was presented with a number of very high-quality candidates. “This would have taken considerably longer in the UK”, David comments. “We were actually spoilt for choice in the end.”

Evolve Computers formed a team of two customer support agents working remotely for them out of ProcessFlows’Outsourcing Facility in Sofia, Bulgaria. Тhe team provides excellent personal service to Evolve’s small business clients.

The Experience – Growing Business and Retaining Customers

Evolve quickly realised that Sofia offered a broader talent pool, boosting degree-educated, multilingual individuals. This meant that through working with ProcessFlows Outsourcing, they were able to get access to fantastic candidates who matched their requirements and later turned into great agents.

Having an outsourced dedicated team in Bulgaria worked well for Evolve. When discussing the results they got from working with ProcessFlows, David says, “Having people that are able to quickly get up to speed provide a great service and represent us to those small business customers has helped us grow our business and retain our customers and provide an excellent service.”

According to David, the best thing about Outsourcing with ProcessFlows is the lack of hassle. In addition, not having to struggle with recruitment and staffing has enabled him to focus solely on running and growing the business.

David Watson’s Advice to Organisations Considering Outsourcing

Evolve were initially set on using a UK-based outsourcing service, but meeting with ProcessFlows and discovering what they offered in Sofia completely changed their mind.

David’s advice to companies considering outsourcing is to open their mind to the idea and drop their preconceptions. According to him, businesses dealing with customers who have a high demand for personal service, just like Evolve, can benefit greatly from nearshoring. “I’d absolutely recommend ProcessFlows, one hundred per cent!” David confirms.

To watch a video of the entire interview with David Watson, Managing Director of Evolve Computers, about the work they do with ProcessFlows Outsourcing, please click here.

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