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Leading Manufacturer of Technician’s Tools – SMS

April 12, 2018

The Customer

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of tools for the professional technician. Founded in 1931, the company now has an annual turnover of $3.4 billion, more than 22,000 products; operates in more than 130 countries; and employs approximately 11,000 people worldwide. As a full member of the British Franchise Association, the 150+ UK team supports over 430 franchisees in the UK and Ireland.

The Challenge

  • To remove the need for UK franchises to physically call the contact centre for enquiries and quotations.
  • To be able to queue and deliver incoming SMS messages from franchisees to their contact centre agents.
  • For an SMS solution to seamlessly integrate with the Enghouse Interactive CC system to emulate success of the US contact centre SMS service.
  • For agents to have the ability to handle messages longer than 160 characters and have spellcheck on all outbound messages.
  • To provide an improved franchise experience and reduce inbound and outbound voice calls.
  • To ensure messages are stored to comply with the regulatory retention compliance policies.

The Solution

  • ProcessFlows Text Message Server integration into Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre.
  • Incoming SMS messages are queued in the system for delivery to agents using skill-based routing, with alpha ID for easy identification.
  • Outbound SMS messages are sent from agents in response to an incoming SMS message or as a new message to a customer.
  • Agents receive previous communication from the subscriber for context when the SMS is delivered to the agent. This includes the previous 25 messages of the conversation.
  • Agents have the ability to escalate an SMS conversation to a phone call.
  • Storage and easy retrieval of all sent and received messages.

“This customer can now emulate the success of their US counterparts and provide a conversational SMS solution for their UK franchises, thus offering them an improved, speedy, accurate service, whilst reducing contact centre costs.”
Jeanette Fennell, Account Manager

The Benefits

  • Improved service and experience at UK franchises.
  • Reduction of inbound and outbound calls to the contact centre, resulting in cost savings.
  • Faster response with greater accuracy to enquiries.
  • Easy retrieval of message history.
  • Compliant retention policy.
  • Future development will allow franchises to text in a voucher code which can produce an automatic reply if the voucher code is valid or invalid.

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