Fax as a Managed Service

RightFax server can be complicated and costly to run with a requirement to be constantly monitored; RightFax in its basic form can be a large drain on resources.

RightFax as a Managed Service is ideal for those organisations that want all the functionality of an in-house RightFax installation but don’t want the responsibility of ongoing costs and devoted resource.

RightFax as a Managed Service is a rich, scalable and fully integrated system; managed and hosted by the experts at OpenText. This solution can help businesses reclaim internal resources and redistribute the focus of IT departments.

The Benefits of Using RightFax as a Managed Service

Reduced IT Load

  • Managed by fax experts
  • Disaster recovery service
  • Redundancy options.
lower costs

Cost Savings

  • Operating vs. capital expense
  • Adapts with your business
  • Infrastructure-only option for existing customers who already have RightFax licenses
raise invoice

Complete Control

  • Centralised fax management
  • You own your data
  • Bring and keep your fax numbers
  • Audit trail
  • Fax admin access from your site
  • Isolated VMs and storage
  • Integrates with existing IT security infrastructure

Full RightFax Feature Set

  • Configured the way you want
  • Experienced support team
  • Customisation available
  • Integrate with your applications
  • All RightFax modules available

RightFax Managed Services come with a lot of useful Features:

  • Systems management—OpenText performs all day-to-day management of your RightFax infrastructure, including systems health monitoring, data backup, network management, systems administration, database management, and application support
  • Program management—Experienced RightFax specialists work with you to ensure implementation success. We also provide planned project management activities ranging from oversight of all production activities to service and feature release upgrades
  • Global support and managed services—OpenText delivers comprehensive proactive and reactive management of your system, including global customer support. 24/7 global support includes transaction and systems health monitoring, alerting, and incident management
  • Global infrastructure—The depth of OpenText global data centres gives you options to keep your service, data, and operations within regional data zones in North America and Europe
  • High availability—Experience unparalleled fax service levels with availability guarantees as high as 99.5 percent. OpenText operates world-class data centres to provide local services with global reach and redundancy within and across data centres
  • Security—RightFax Managed Services provides several encryption options: VPN, SSL, TLS, and HTTPS. Additional security services include user authentication, physical security, data encryption while at rest and in transit for the fax transmission, encryption of fax images stored in the data centre, and ongoing security audits

Data and Fax Number Ownership

When you choose RightFax as a Managed Service, your data is protected and managed – No one else can view it or take ownership of it, your data belongs to you. Migration services will return all data at the end of your contract, or upon request and delete it from the RightFax server. You can bring your own fax numbers and add or remove them at any time.

Security of the Connection

Hosted customers connect to our data centers via a secure, individual, encrypted VPN connection, ensuring private communication and protecting your sensitive documents and data.
Security of the Data Centers
The state-of-the-art data centers have all been thoroughly examined for structural, environmental, and physical security. Data centers provide back-up servers for load balancing and redundancy.

OpenText provide:

  • Security personnel
  • Back-up generators
  • Redundant servers
  • 24/7 security and support
  • Security of the Software

RightFax provides:

  • An automated audit log
  • Customisable user permissions
  • Optional password protection
  • Optional document encryption
  • Redundancy, Failover and Disaster Recovery

Why ProcessFlows for RightFax?

  • ProcessFlows have been RightFax experts since 1992
  • We understand your fax requirements, end to end
  • Delivering fax solutions to Financial, Legal, Health sectors; Manufacturing, Distribution and Local & National Government

For these reasons and more, ProcessFlows should be your trusted partner to support your business transformation – Find out more.

Our Customers

From global enterprises to local small businesses, here are some of our customers that have partnered with us, using RightFax to transform their business. Click the logos to download the Case Studies.

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