Timesheet Automation

Drastically reduce the time it takes to get timesheet data into the payroll system using Timesheet ProcessFlows®

Mistakes are a thing of the past and payroll deadlines are met

Timesheet ProcessFlows automates and speeds up the time critical task of processing timesheets from receipt to payroll and eliminates time consuming mistakes.

If timesheets are not processed in time, people don’t get paid. They then don’t perform well and productivity drops off.


Manually completed forms like timesheets will always present problems

  • They can be illegible, tea stained, ripped or folded and are easily misplaced/lost
  • Queries and exceptions delay the timely input of information into payroll
  • Accounts staff feel the pressure – they don’t want to let employees down by not paying them on time, the stress mounts and they make mistakes; it can’t be helped

Timesheet ProcessFlows is modular and scalable

  • We take tried and tested technology and integrate this with your organisation’s existing infrastructure and familiar line of business systems – so the transformation and requirement to learn new systems will be minimal
  • This maximises your investment and provides an ongoing, solid foundation which will not have to be discarded when line-of-business applications are eventually upgraded
  • It is simple to use and implement – rollout is phased and fully supported by our Client Services team every step of the way, minimising the need for your IT team to get too involved
  • To ensure minimum disruption, we provide full end user and administrative training ahead of any system going live
  • No organisation is too large or too small for this business transformation

TimeSheet PF

Automating the process makes the job of processing timesheets simpler and quicker – totally changing the way timesheets are routed through the organisation to payroll

  • Timesheet Automation is triggered by the conversion of paper copies into electronic scanned images
  • Using data capture technology with a proven read success rate of around 90%, the data is then extracted from the scanned images
  • Data Capture allows a business to automate the time consuming and error prone process of manually entering data, so reducing processing time
  • Using our RightFax solution, we can also help you process electronic fax timesheets
  • Document Management automates the record keeping side of things – storage, retrieval and data protection – electronic timesheets are easily accessed from any computer within the network
  • Workflow takes the inefficiencies out of the process. Timesheets are automatically checked, then if correct, seamlessly pushed to payroll

However, there are a small number of cases within any organisation where documents may be unreadable. When this occurs, our system automatically pushes them into an ‘exceptions queue’ for the attention of a nominated person who will manually confirm the correct action. This process takes just seconds per document.

A prompt and accurate process results in everyday improvements

  • Payroll staff can easily access the electronic timesheets, change and add information or push them directly back to the member of staff by email with a request to re-present
  • If a captured timesheet is incomplete or needs another level of approval, it can either be emailed back to the sender, moved forward to another part of the organisation, or sent to the client for administration
  • Full reporting for compliance and control
BI Dashboard ScreenshotSo, you’ve got loads of timesheet data, but how easy is it to access it to make reports? ProcessFlows BI Dashboards hook in to all your databases, spread-sheets and documents, enabling real-time reporting, in an easy to read graphical format. For more information, please click here.

Do more for less

  • Eliminate the need for the repetitive manual keying (data capture) of time sheet information into the Line of Business system
  • Staff will have more time, so can be reallocated to other, more business critical jobs within the organisation
  • Reduce query handing time – no more frustrated callers as exceptions can be dealt with in real time as documents can easily be found/referenced
  • Precise management reporting information available for monitoring the effectiveness of processes within the organisation and for ‘what-if’ scenario planning
  • Stop paying for physical document storage and remove paper costs – everything is done digitally

And finally …

  • Has low ongoing costs
  • Delivers a ROI in just a few months

More information

If you would like to discuss your timesheet processes with one of our Consultants, please get in touch. When we fully understand your business needs we will be happy to arrange demonstration. This can be at your office, our head office in Winchester or via the web.

For more information you can call us on +44 (0) 1962 835053, or email sales@processflows.co.uk.

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