What Are The Key Technologies Supporting Business Digital Transformation & Automation

In recent years, major technology advances have completely transformed the possibilities for businesses to innovate, disrupt and achieve new performances and experiences through custom automation and digital processes. Here some of the key Digital Transformation technologies and advances supporting this evolution and these new possibilities:

  • 1

    Low or No-code process automation and management platforms simplifying customisations and system integrations

  • 2

    Cloud computing with Infrastructure, Platform and Software all delivered as a service

  • 3

    Mobile and IoT connectivity and ubiquity - opening new possibilities and applications for process automation and management

  • 4

    Capabilities of Modern web standards and App platforms

  • 5

    Practical applications for Artificial intelligence to help handle variables and reduce exception as part of process automation

  • 6

    Advances in hybrid services that seamlessly combine Artificial and human intelligence with automation to improve customer experiences

  • 7

    Availability and cost of processing power and storage

  • 8

    Techniques and solutions for Data analytics and Data capture and extraction such as QR Codes – Allow seamless integration with items in the physical world

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