When to Consider Custom or Bespoke Process Management and Automation

Custom Digital Processes are more accessible than ever before. To some degree all digital processes & automation projects will evolve an element of customisation to accommodate the specific requirements of each customer and their situation across people, process and technology.  With major advances in technologies such local code platforms and cloud computing, bespoke and heavily customised processes make more sense and are relatively easy to achieve.

As a general rule of thumb, the following 3 areas determine how suitable and feasible a process or task is for bespoke digital process management and automation:

  • 1

    A Business Case Built on Sufficient New Benefits

    Such as, uniqueness or competitive advantage, new services or improved customer experiences ultimately resulting in new revenues or margins, reduced risks or/ and sufficient volumes to free up resource or realise savings in operating costs. These new revenues, margins or savings provide the foundation for any investment.

  • 2

    Processes or Simple Tasks That are Repetitive, Rule-based and Subject Human Error are Typically The Low Hanging Fruits and Provide The Strongest Cases

    We specialise in wide range of approaches for Process Management, task & Process Automation and Business Intelligence to transform these type of processes. We can also isolate exceptions automatically or handle them as a managed service through our Service Desks. From simple tasks such as updating or verifying systems, digitally signing or approving, applying calculations or business logic, capturing requirements through to multi-step processes that bridge systems and departments – most task and processes can be managed as digital and automated workflows.

  • 3

    Data Involved is Structured to Some Degree or can be Structured

    We use digital forms to capture and integrate data into business process. If data isn’t directly accessible or structured, we specialise in methods of Data Capture  we can automatically capture, extract and classify data for processing. The source of data feeds is now vast and includes almost any source including IoT and video feeds, Bespoke Web Applications. Allowing end users to interact directly with the process. E.g. Customers Portals, Supplier Portals. At the end of a custom process we can post back to core systems such as ERP or CRM to maintain the integrity of that system and other processes.

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