Proof of Delivery Automation

POD ProcessFlows® removes the risks associated with the manual paper processing of delivery notes through to invoicing.

Proof Of Delivery

  • Manual processing is expensive, slow and vulnerable to human error
  • You are paying high staff costs for dealing with customer queries
  • Documents are easily lost – which leads to delayed payment, or worse, claims against you for lost goods and potentially losing a valued customer
  • You do not have the ability to quickly provide ‘live’ information for management reporting and ‘what-if’ scenario planning

Automation Speeds up the Complete Proof of Delivery Process

  • It improves efficiency and ensures compliance
  • Enhances customer service
  • Delivers full tracking and auditing information at every stage
  • More reliable cash flow

POD ProcessFlows is Modular and Scaleable

Replace the manual processes and tasks associated with paper workflow, such as:

  • Printing and scanning completed delivery notes
  • Manually capturing data from the document and keying into the finance systems for invoicing
  • Physical distribution of documentation across the organisation
  • Storage/archiving costs and retrieval
  • Time spent on the phone dealing with query resolution

Actual manual processing costs of one of our customers

Costs do not include wages, NI contributions and holiday entitlement or consumable costs – paper, PCs, phones and office furniture.

  • 4 full time administration staff @ £15,000 per annum were spending 100% of their time keying data from delivery notes into the finance system for invoicing.  Total cost to the business was £60,000 per annum
  • 20 depot staff @ £15,000 per annum spent 5% of their time every day either scanning, faxing or posting delivery notes to head office for input into the line of business system. This time was costing the business £15,000 per annum
  • The Finance Manager @ £50,000 per annum spent 25% of his time collating data for reporting at the cost of £12,500 per annum

Automation reduced the staffing level to just one person spending a fraction of their time overseeing the process and delivers a total saving (resource only) of £87,500 per annum

Another of our customers told us that they spent £50,000 a year on paper alone.

Automated Proof of Delivery

The solution automates the integration of delivery notes with the back office system

  • Capture and allocation of data contained of the delivery notes that come in from the depots and delivery drivers
  • Automatic uploading of this data to the relevant finance and line of business system
  • Digitised storage of documents for easy future retrieval
  • Calculates the integrity of data being added to the system and identifies any exceptions
  • Provides reporting functionality for KPIs and SLAs

The Technology

We use the most up to date, market leading software suites to fully integrate, digitise and automate the capture of data from the delivery notes using the following elements

Benefits from the Change

  • Massive cost savings can be made by reducing expenditure on the large number of staff needed to manually process delivery notes
  • Confidence that you have confirmation of delivery of products assists with disputes resolution
  • Reduced staff burden for repetitive manual tasks, staff can get on with jobs they are paid to do. Those employed full-time to deal with data capture can be relocated to other areas of the business
  • Centralised and structured electronic job sheet files are easily retrievable from any computer within the Network
  • Substantial cash flow benefits – reduces the time delay to get data into the finance systems for invoicing
  • Automated and seamless delivery of time sheets to head office removes the need for printing and scanning at the depot
  • Increased transaction efficiency and traceability
  • Provides precise management reporting on the effectiveness of process within the organisation

Do more with less. You can scale up your core business activities without having to increase your administrative staff to cope with increased volumes of Job Sheets. Effectively grow your business without additional resource costs.

We have successfully delivered solutions into these sectors

Banks, Insurance, Government, Oil and Gas, Finance, Education; many of whom are household names.

More information

For more information you can call us on +44 (0) 1962 835053, or email

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