How We’ve Helped Our Customers


ACME UC – a RECITE Case Study

Through RECITE, we have helped ACME UC implement and seamlessly expand their call recording solutions.

ITE Group – a RECITE Case Study

The benefits to service and efficiency RECITE brings to ITE speak for themselves ITE Group PLC are world leading organisers of international exhibitions and conferences.

ITIL Training Zone -an Outsourcing solution Case Study

ITIL Training Zone has been able to sustain rapid growth and maintain profitability by outsourcing remote support to ProcessFlows.

Copart UK – a Fax solution Case Study

ProcessFlows implemented an Electronic Fax Solution with OCR for online car auction specialists, Copart, which automatically captures and populates their line-of-business system with all inbound fax information.

H+S Aviation Ltd – a Document Management Case Study

A secure, electronic document management system at H+S Aviation is growing into an enterprise-scale solution which integrates with SharePoint.

Price Brothers (UK) Ltd – a Document Management Case Study

Exact replication of an existing manual filing system in an electronic alternative is allowing civil engineering firm Price Brothers (UK) Ltd.

Merton Council – an SMS solution Case Study

Merton Council is using a ProcessFlows Emergency Text Messaging Alert Solution to help maintain the continuity of their primary computer services.

The Royal Academy of Music – an SMS Solution Case Study

A ProcessFlows Text Messaging Solution helps the Royal Academy of Music to better communicate with their students

Leading Clinical Testing Laboratory – a Fax solution Case Study

Communicating medical test results by electronic fax is providing a leading clinical testing laboratory with an accurate and secure method of delivery.

CBG Group – a Document Management Case Study

Alchemy document management is saving time, money and frustration for Insurance Broker CBG. Having all documents in electronic format makes it easy for staff to search and retrieve tens of thousands of archived documents at ‘the click of a button’.

Le Crossing – a Data Management Case Study

Centralising operations and management of the M25 required the merger of disparate data into a single document management platform.

Channel Partner – a Document Management Case Study

Exact replication of their accounts filing system into an ‘electronic filing cabinet’ is giving a large law firm the ability to find and review over ten years of monthly accounting information.
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