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ITE Group – a RECITE Case Study

October 3, 2019

ITE Group PLC are world leading organisers of international exhibitions and conferences. With over 240 events each year globally, ITE pride themselves on creating spaces for people to meet face-to-face, discuss, develop, inspire and celebrate. These events are planned and run by a network of over 1,000 staff operating across 32 countries in 5 continents, making ITE ideally placed to meet the needs of increasingly globalised companies and markets.

What was the requirement?

Being a large international company, ITE’s staff are engaged in thousands of calls with clients and customers on a daily basis. As such, ITE needed to find a way to not only keep track of these calls and their associated KPI’s, but also the ability to easily recall specific interactions for the purposes of training and dispute resolution. Any solution would also need to be interoperable so it could sit

in a number of mixed UC environments across ITE’s global network.

It was at this point that G3 Comms Ltd, an ITE supplier and ProcessFlows Partner, suggested RECITE’s Client Side Recorder would be a perfectly positioned solution for their set of requirements. This resulted in a number of exploratory conversations between ITE and ProcessFlows to ascertain the full scope of the requirement.

RECITE’s Client Side Recorder

At its core, RECITE is a solution that look to provide users with unique insights into employee-customer interactions by capturing content from multiple media modalities, including voice, video, screen and chat/IM. As a Microsoft partner, RECITE offers seamless integration with UC elements such as Skype for Business. This proved to be highly beneficial for ITE who use Skype for Business in Office 365 at the centre of their UC set up, providing users with a smooth and familiar user experience.

In addition to the seamless integration offered by RECITE, as a result of its client side deployment it also remains a system agnostic solution. This makes RECITE incredibly adaptable to any changes ITE might wish to make to their IT systems moving forward and thus protecting their investment by future-proofing the solution.

RECITE also has a number of features that further

aligns it with ITE’s stated requirements. As ITE were looking for an interaction recorder for the key purposes of training and dispute resolution, it was essential that all the correct recordings were captured and easily accessible afterwards. Due to RECITE’s granular administrative capabilities, ITE are able to make sure that all interactions that should be recorded always are automatically, helping to streamline the recording process and reducing the risk that a key interaction goes unrecorded. Moreover, due RECITE’s fantastic archiving, a centralised and easily searchable database of ITE’s recordings is made accessible to all relevant members of staff to provide them with ease of use whilst simultaneously protecting the security of the recordings.

RECITE has also been able to go beyond the required specification by collecting significant amounts of inputted and meta-data to provide a layer of detailed analytics around the interactions for exploring trends and patterns.

What’s next?

After the success of the initial install, RECITE’s Client Side Recorder has now been deployed in a number of ITE’s offices, covering multiple sites and over 150 agents. This expansion looks set to continue with new international deployments on the horizon.

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