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ACME UC – a RECITE Case Study

October 10, 2011

Who are ACME UC Ltd?

ACME UC are a UK based IT consultancy with specialisms in Cloud Solutions and Microsoft workspaces for real-time collaboration and communication. With decades of experience and an impressive roster of large, complex projects with high profile clients, ACME UC have developed a client first approach that drives at achieving a deep understanding of user needs. By implementing changes that are sensitive to not only specific requirements, but user experience, ACME’s deployments enjoy significant buy-in that results in smooth and successful uptake by end users.

In addition to the changing nature of software consumption within the UC sector, with cloud products and SaaS purchasing models ruling the way, ACME UC have also paid very close attention to the ever shifting regulatory environment impacting their clients. Having built up significant expertise in this field, ACME UC now pride themselves on providing a holistic service that also contains significant governance elements, being able to educate and advice on the impact of regulation on those deployments and the related experience impacts.

What were the initial requirements?

When ACME UC first engaged with ProcessFlows they were an organisation in transition. Having observed changes in the needs of clients, as well as the manner in which clients were deploying and utilising software solutions, ACME UC decided to embark on a journey to transform from a more traditional ‘feature enrichment’ IT organisation, to a business based around facilitating digital transformation. This meant building up a portfolio of solutions around this change piece, covering analytics, business work flows and harmonized UC elements.

One specific requirement that emerged from this process was a need for a highly interoperable, feature rich call recording solution. Having identified RECITE as a possible solution, ACME UC reached out to ProcessFlows as the UK distributor of RECITE.

After meeting with ProcessFlows, RECITE was found to be perfectly positioned to meet ACME UC’s particular set of requirements by successfully navigating the Microsoft issue, going beyond just the needs for regulatory compliance and demonstrating a flexible resilience to future changes in both the IT and regulatory environments.

Navigating the Microsoft Issue

Firstly, as a Microsoft Technologies Partner, RECITE has been built and developed by working closely with Microsoft to develop an interaction recording solution that is Microsoft qualified and tested. In the context of Office 365 and existing Skype for Business Online, this represents a solution that seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft environment to provide a friction-less user experience.

It also means that whilst APIs remain closed to developers, RECITE has developed a fully featured work around for Teams in the form of a client-side recorder. By sitting natively on the users’ device, RECITE circumnavigates the need to be fully integrated into the Teams environment whilst maintaining their expansive feature set and high levels of security.

Moreover, RECITE have also developed an extensive development roadmap that is highly responsive to changes in both the IT and regulatory landscapes making them ready for a multitude of future developments.

Future Proofing

RECITE has been developed to remain resilient to a fast changing UC landscape. This can be seen in the work around and development roadmap for Microsoft Teams and beyond, but also in the high levels of interoperability found on the platform. By being able to integrate with virtually every available PBX, UC platform and CRM system out there, RECITE will give you the freedom to change any element of your UC infrastructure secure in the knowledge that your regulatory demands for secure interaction capture will continue to be met.

Scalability and expandability are also central to this. By working seamlessly, whether you have five or 500,000 users, as well as being able to introduce new functionality as of when it is required, RECITE is a system that can grow to always meet a user’s needs.

Close Relationships

ProcessFlows prides itself not only on the quality of its solutions and high levels of support, but the fostering of close and strong relationships between all parts of the channel. By facilitating open dialogue between suppliers and channel partners, for example, ACME has been able to engage in fluid communications with Numonix to provide feedback and work on new developments to meet client needs.

Through ProcessFlows’ proactive engagement with partners, this strong relationship has now also grown beyond RECITE, helping ACME UK enrich their offering with leading UC solutions.

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